Plants from the nightmares that are real

Forget serial killers and monsters endlessly with the same horror movie.

Рослини з кошмарів, які існують насправдіРослини з кошмарів, які існують насправді

Look around you: plants, peacefully growing in our yards and the surrounding woods, should cause a much larger panic. Next time the Hollywood producers ought to pay attention to the really dangerous things — how much you can exploit the ridiculous clowns, reports Rus.Media.

Рослини з кошмарів, які існують насправді


Homeland kudzu Japan, but it occurs in other Asian countries. Americans rashly decided to use the plant to fight soil erosion and raised him in the southern States. The vines are so firmly rooted and began to spread with such speed that few months turned into a much bigger problem than some erosion. Kudzu grows up to half a meter a day, prilosec on its way all the counter. Other plants, buildings, animals and people, if they’re moving very slowly. Botany is desperate to find an effective way of dealing with vine-Strangler.

Рослини з кошмарів, які існують насправді

Aspergillus fumigatus

Aspergillus is a fungus that is often found on dead plants and compost pile. The destruction he throws in the air their spores, which can cause serious problems once in the lungs. This files most often prompt medical intervention helps. But sometimes the spores of Aspergillus fumigatus cause kidney failure, and in some cases death.

Рослини з кошмарів, які існують насправді

Ageratina Higher

In North America the plant is known under the telling name — snake root. The fact that much livestock often gets on the field, overgrown ageratina. The high concentration of the toxin tremetol does not cause them any problems, but the meat and milk after a meal for a person becomes a potent poison.

Рослини з кошмарів, які існують насправді

Brugmansia white

To put it simply — dope. Flowers Brugmans contain a high proportion of scopolamine, a powerful hallucinogen. Gifted Amateurs to look into other worlds often receive there permanent residence to return to mental health after scopolamine Oh how not easy.

Рослини з кошмарів, які існують насправді


Atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine are the main weapon of belladonna against animals. These toxins have a devastating impact on the Central nervous system. Adult enough of all three berries, never to return from the forest. Moreover, the effect is not immediate. Well-known cases in which the victim spent three days in the dark hallucinations.

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