On mother’s Day,the President awarded the honorary title “Mother-heroine” more than a thousand Ukrainians

Petro Poroshenko on mother’s Day was awarded the honorary title of Mother heroine 1051 Ukrainians from different regions of Ukraine.

В День матері,Президент присвоїв почесне звання "Мати-героїня" більше тисячі українок

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainian women on mother’s Day and signed a decree “On awarding the honorary title “Mother-heroine” 1051 Ukrainian women, writes Rus.Media

“Dear mother! I heartily congratulate you with the wonderful, illumined and warmed by the high senses, holiday, mother’s Day. The mother is the magic word hides in itself the greatness of kindness, love and warm memories. No man on earth nearer and dearer than my mother. She is a Keeper of family comfort and harmony”, – said in greeting P. Poroshenko, published on the website of the head of state on Sunday morning.

The head of state noted that the daily mother’s prayers help you to survive the Ukrainian defenders in Eastern Ukraine and preserve faith in a better tomorrow.

“May the Lord hear your prayers and will reward you and your families health, God’s blessing, our country gives the world. I wish you an inexhaustible source of vital energy, family well-being, happiness and goodness for years to come,” – said in greeting.

In addition, Poroshenko signed a decree №121 “On conferring the honorary title “Mother-heroine”. The head of state was awarded the title of 1051 Ukrainian. The decree noted mothers who have brought up before the age of eight five and more children, which created the appropriate conditions for their intellectual, physical and spiritual development.

Today, Ukraine celebrates Mother’s Day

Among the awarded – 40 residents of Vinnytsia region, 128 – in the Volyn, 30 – in Dnipropetrovsk, 27 in Donetsk, 85 – Zhytomyr, 116 – Transcarpathian, 7 in Zaporizhia, 31 – Ivano-Frankivsk, 15 Kiev.

The honorary title also received 11 women from Kirovohrad oblast, 2 – in Luhansk, a 50 – Lviv, 16 – Nicholas, 52 – Odessa, 25 – Poltava, 244 – Rivne, 23 – Sumy, 38 – in Ternopil, 28 – Kharkiv, 6 in Kherson, 19 – Khmelnytskyi, 7 – Cherkasy, 27 – Chernivtsi, 13 – in Chernihiv and 11 of the city of Kiev.

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