Nine players “Veres” was poisoned before the match with “Shakhtar”

May 12, the club “Veresk” appealed to the Ukrainian Premier League with a request to postpone the match 31-th round of the national Cup against Shakhtar.

Дев&#039ять гравців "Верес" отруїлися перед матчем з "Шахтарем"

The reason of poisoning nine first team players, informs Rus.Media.

The Premier League on its official website announced the failure of “Veres”, not having seen force majeure in this situation.

The Directorate of the Premier League regrets the deterioration of the health of the players of the first team. However, due to the fact that today in the list of declared players of FC “Veres” is 63 people, and before the match beginning remains for more than 24 hours, these circumstances can not be recognized by the Directorate of the Premier League as a force majeure.

Given the above, and in accordance with paragraph 17 of article 9 of the Rules of the competition season 2017/18, in the Directorate of the Premier League there is no sufficient reason for postponing the match FC Shakhtar Donetsk – FC Veres Rivne in 13.05.2018 year on a different date.

Understanding the complexity of the circumstances, please take all possible measures to carry out the match approved by the Directorate of the Premier League dates and time.

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