Named the date when Russia annexed the occupied Donbass

Putin can decide on the annexation of the occupied Donbass.

Названа дата коли Росія анексує окупований Донбас

The expert of the International centre for policy studies (ICPS) Igor Petrenko believes that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is ready to go for the annexation of the occupied Donbass in 2018, reports Rus.Media.

“The situation in the occupied territories remains difficult, but we need a broader view of the situation and to proceed from the fact that in relation to them conducts the policy of the Russian Federation”, – said Petrenko.

According to experts, Russia’s policy in relation to ORDO suggests that the annexation of the Donbas is viewed by the Kremlin as one of the possible scenarios.

“This annexation under the presidential elections in 2018. The current President of Russia Vladimir Putin will go for a new term,” he says.

The content of annexed territories, according to the expert, Putin can impose on business.

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