Mass murder in Russia: victims struck 30-40 times with a knife, and then burned

The mass murder occurred on Friday in the town of Kumertau in Bashkortostan

Масове вбивство в Росії: жертвам завдали 30-40 ударів ножем, а потім спалили

Five people were killed in the city of Kumertau in Bashkortostan (Russia), and each of them paid 30 to 40 stab wounds.

According to the regional investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, a mass murder took place on Friday. In one of the apartments of a house fire, rescuers arrived to extinguish the fire, found the room the bodies of five people with stab wounds.

As reported the senior assistant to the regional SUCK, Russian Federation Svetlana Abramova, each victim suffered from 30 to 40 stab wounds.

“The causes of death for all young people was multiple stab wounds. On the body every experts found 30 to 40 wounds. Some had their throats cut while alive, several after death,” – said Abramov.

Among the dead three girls, including 16-year-old landlady, and two guys.

“The identities of the five killed. They were 16-year-old landlady, her two friends, 17 and 21, and two young men 21 and 22 years old. They all are local residents,” – said Abramov.

A criminal case on the murder of two and more people.

As the chief reported a press-service of the MIA of Bashkiria Maxim Rodionov on Saturday, April 18, p eliseyskie detained two residents of Kumertau, who is wanted on suspicion of involvement in the murder of five persons

“By targeting the duty of the traffic police of Ufa established the whereabouts of the suspects in the murder of young people. Currently, they deliver them to the Investigative Committee of Russia in the region”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Масове вбивство в Росії: жертвам завдали 30-40 ударів ножем, а потім спалили

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