In Russia at “the Bridge of stupidity” hit 148-and on account of the “Gazelle”

As once said albert Einstein, there are two things: infinity and lawlessness – the universe and human stupidity.

У Росії в "Міст дурниці" врізалася 148-а за рахунком "Газель"

However, about the Universe he was in doubt, reports Rus.Media.

In St. Petersburg the next car “the Gazelle” could not pass under the overpass at the intersection of Sophia street and Lensovetovsky road – known as “the Bridge of stupidity.”

Relevant information was published in Twitter-account FoolsBridge.

Judging by the photos from the Network, the driver of the car tried to drive under a bridge, on which are placed the poster “Gazelle” will not pass” and as a result his vehicle posbus body.

У Росії в "Міст дурниці" врізалася 148-а за рахунком "Газель"

This car became the 148th in a row, crashed into a “Bridge of stupidity.”

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