Important innovation in the admission of children to grade 1

On may 8, came into force the Procedure for the enrolment of students in 1 class.

Важливе нововведення при зарахуванні дітей до 1 класу

On may 8, came into force the Procedure for the enrolment of students in 1 class. This year enrollment in the first class will be held on the new standard, which in February approved the Cabinet of Ministers. Will be studying first graders from 1 September 2018, reports Rus.Media.

For entering first-graders will not be forced to undergo any contests to test knowledge. Everyone will have guaranteed access to education closer to their place of residence. This is one of the important principles of education reform

“Parents have to put up with it, because it is a step which is actually in the interests of the majority of the population and it eliminates the very bad practice of competitive selection which has been before. In Ukraine, every citizen and every citizen is guaranteed a secondary education and this guarantee is executed due to the fact that in any case in a school that is assigned to the area where you live, you are guaranteed can get. Thus, we guarantee the constitutional right to secondary education,” says educational expert . Director of the analytical center CEDOS.

Currently, the Order contains no specific list of documents that should confirm the child’s place of residence or one of her parents, but according to the expert, these must be available.

Parents have the right to submit the necessary documents to any institution of education to enroll in the free space.

“The only negative that I see in the new reform is that local authorities and developers completely abandoned the development of the social structure including the development of a network of schools. Build neighborhoods, but they are not built school and it is an urgent need to change. Built huge arrays, which is located couples with children, and they are simply not enough schools,” – said the expert.

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