Guests at the door: recipes for quick meals

Take store one of the above, and the situation is “guest at the doorstep” will no longer scare you

Гості на порозі: рецепти швидких страв

At the end of the article a list of products with a long shelf life that just have to be in the fridge when an unexpected guest cross the threshold of your home.


With melted cheese you can eat everything. When guests at the door, recipes for quick meals I recall with great difficulty, so hot sandwiches – a real salvation for such a case. The one constant ingredient is cheese, so a rigid sort of in an impervious shell (type “Alterman”) with a shelf life of up to 8 months, you need to have always. On any bread of freshness, put the pieces of boiled chicken or meat, slices of sausage or sausage, slices of tomato or simply ketchup, thin rings of onions or pickles. Can parsley-dill for decoration. Top three cheese, and put on fifteen minutes in the microwave.
Cheese can also be eaten in its original form.


“Dinner in Italian”. Perhaps, it is the leader among quick recipes and the rest of humanity. Pack high quality spaghetti factory twist with vegetable sauce. Pasta not to overcook it, gravy is not overheating. Sprinkle with fresh herbs. All! Beautiful plates, skaterock, candles, napkins. The glass of red wine. Ah…


“Ukrainian vodka, black bread and herring.” Is also an option. Herring is in the tin. Let it lie in the bins in such a case. Can and slabosolenym trout on fresh oil put. Or red caviar. For unhurried conversation and new potatoes to be cooked quickly. And if you have a piece kabasalan salmon in the fridge hid…


“In the morning – scrambled eggs – scrambled, omelette.” Here is how the fantasy played out. You can just on halves of boiled eggs, put some eggs, mix the yolks with cod liver. Omelette with herbs, tomatoes, and onions, with cheese, ham, green beans (or other vegetables, deep frozen), etc. Just scrambled, in the end. The main thing – beautiful, fast, and satisfying. Another option – let the omelette will be a “envelope” for cheese, ham and vegetables that you have. Here is a photo.


Snacks from frozen puff pastry. For this quick recipe requires some skill. Rehearse it once to not to experiment with. The filling can be savory and sweet. The dough defrosts very quickly. Take, for example, small triangles with cheese. 20-25 minutes in the oven, and you will have a great beer snack for unexpected friends husband.

6. Shrimp like candy. The presence of packs of frozen shrimp in the freezer will not prevent never. If you do not want to bother, just boil well-salted water with spices.


Quick salads. Recipes on the Internet will find a huge number, something specific to advise difficult. Better decide what you will prepare in case of emergency. Let the Cabinet are canned fish, crabs, or cod liver oil, mushrooms in their own juice, green peas, sweet corn, etc. In the refrigerator crab sticks, ham, cheese, mayonnaise, and some vegetables.


A rich cold dessert. Vareniki with cherry and sour cream for tea… If you have the patience to stick in advance and freeze, you – hero of our time. It can be in the store to find a decent option. Finally, inside of these dumplings is nothing but cherries and sugar.


Pita bread with filling. Personally, I like the hot option. In sheets Armenian lavash-wrapped cheese, tomatoes, diced and greens. On a dry pan fry on both sides. Someone lubricates butter, someone who likes crispy pita bread with hot filling.


For the most helpless. And it happens – guests at the door, recipes for quick meals cause panic or a sudden attack of laziness. Hang on the fridge phones are reliable suppliers of pizza, sushi and Ossetian pies. Not always quick and tasty, but guests do not stay hungry.

Now the promised list of products to prepare quick recipes.

Take store one of the above, and the situation is “guest at the doorstep” will no longer scare you

Juices, mineral water with gas, a good white and red wine, liqueurs.
Canned vegetables (corn, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives).
Ketchup, mayonnaise, ready-made seasoning for spaghetti.
Frozen prawns, crab sticks, mixed vegetables, deep frozen, dumplings, puff pastry.
A jar of caviar (even fish), canned fish.
Cheese in cardboard or plastic packaging, a small piece of cheese.
Ice cream in a large package.
Beautiful tablecloth, wine glasses, colourful napkins, candles

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