Gay was accused of mocking the participant of Eurovision from Ireland for same-sex love

On Saturday, may 12, in the Portuguese Lisbon hosted the 63rd international song contest Eurovision 2018.

Геї звинуватили в насмішці учасника Євробачення з Ірландії за одностатеву любов

In the Grand final of the Eurovision song contest 2018, which was held at multipurpose indoor arena Altis arena in Lisbon. Just came on the stage 26 of the participating countries, reports Rus.Media.

In the top ten of the competition were: Israel, Cyprus, Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Moldova.

The representative of Ireland Ryan o’shaughnessy performed the song Together at number 24. During a number on stage were dancing two young men who portrayed same-sex love. However, the song artist about love to boyfriend brought victory to Ireland. O’shaughnessy took 16th place in the overall ranking.

Predictably, the bold statement has caused a lot of disturbances. But suddenly the artist was condemned, including for same-sex couples.

The LGBT community has condemned the song Together, Ryan o’shaughnessy as a performer sings about same-sex love, and he is a representative of the traditional orientation. In their opinion, o’shaughnessy does not understand their relationship, and so he had no right to sing about it. Because of the insincerity of the artist statement seemed to be a mockery of the LGBT community.

See the performance of Ryan o’shaughnessy, who represented Ireland in the Eurovision song contest 2018:

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