Galkin responded to abusive criticism Kharlamov

Resident of Comedy Club smashed into smithereens show Maxim Galkin on the First channel.

Галкін відповів на матірну критику Харламова

Garik Kharlamov announced on his page in Instagram that “just joking” when I saw a new project in which Tina plays the lead role, reports Rus.Media.

We are talking about the TV show “Stars under hypnosis”, which is popular in Russia people come to live and undergo “psychological treatment”.

According to Garik Kharlamov, he usually prefers not to comment on what he sees on TV content in Russia and make it a lot of different people, including friends, and friends. But here he could not refrain from value judgments.

For its part, Maxim Galkin, which, of course, receive the message, said Kharlamov much more restrained. He advised the comedian to start with the native channel, i.e. with TNT and look at the show “Battle of psychics.”

Галкін відповів на матірну критику Харламова

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