Five ways to use coffee about which you certainly not knew

Before you are five unusual ways to use coffee about which you don’t know.

П&#039ять способів використання кави, про яких ви точно не здогадувалися

Coffee is not only fragrant invigorating drink. It can be used for cosmetic purposes and to create home comfort, and even use in gardening. Before you are five unusual ways to use coffee that you certainly not suspected, reports Rus.Media.

Coffee will help you care for hair and body

Based on the leftover coffee, you can make an effective scrub for the entire body and even good hair mask. For the manufacture of gentle natural scrub, mix the leftover coffee with your favorite oil (perfect, for example, coconut) and dilute with warm water so that the mixture is not too liquid. This mixture can be used on the whole body that will help to make your skin smooth and silky.

If your skin is not too sensitive to such ingredients, you can use a coffee scrub to clean face. To do this, take about two tablespoons of the coffee cake and the same amount of natural cocoa powder and mix them with three tablespoons of whole milk or thick cream, add to the mix a tablespoon of honey.

Coffee grounds can be used as a mask for the hair, oversaturated styling tools, or if you have switched to a natural shampoo, and your hair lacks volume. Simply apply the coffee grounds on slightly damp hair, hold and rinse with warm water, this mask will give your hair volume, Shine and luster.

Coffee absorbs odors

Coffee absorbs smells no worse than baking soda. Therefore, it can easily ridding your fridge or cupboard from persistent unpleasant odors. Put some dry coffee cake in a container and leave it open in the refrigerator or cupboard for about a couple of weeks. After a short time from any food smells will not remain and a trace.

Coffee is a great air freshener

Since the coffee grounds absorbs odors, it can be used as air freshener in the bathroom, toilet or living room. Try the following original method: put the dried remains of coffee in a vase, but do not pour back the water.

Put in a vase with coffee any dried flowers, such as lavender, which will spread a pleasant aroma. This composition will not only freshen the air in the room, but also organically fit into any interior.

Coffee will fill the house with scent

Not only the taste but also the aroma of coffee will have energizing effect and will improve your mood. To fill your room with the smell of freshly brewed coffee you can make coffee grounds scented candles.

To do this, take a candle-pill, the remnants of the brewed coffee, oppression and any glass container with a wide throat. Place in a container a wick and melt the candle, then begin to pour the melted wax alternating with coffee grounds. Wax and coffee should be evenly distributed around the tank. When the mixture has cooled, you will only need to trim the wick and light the candle to enjoy the exquisite aroma.

Coffee will help to fight pests

Coffee can serve as an effective way of protecting your garden or backyard from pests. If you spill the ground coffee around the seedlings, it will help to ward off different insects, slugs and snails. And if your garden got into the habit to spoil rodents or cats, to frighten them, mix coffee grounds with citrus zest or rosemary oil.

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