Died a famous Ukrainian jazz pianist and composer

In Oslo on 62-m to year of life died a famous Ukrainian jazz pianist and composer Mikhail Alperin.

Помер відомий український джазовий піаніст і композитор

May 11, passed away Ukrainian jazz pianist Mikhail Alperin. About this on his page in Facebook said his friend, musician Andrei Kondakov, reports Rus.Media.

Alperin died after a prolonged illness. Learn more about the causes of his death are still unknown.

“Did not Michael Alperin. We learned this from Lina Petrova (wife alberina). Three months ago we spent two wonderful days at their house in Oslo. Cute Mouse! Love you, you’re with us! “wrote Kondakov in the Network.

Certificate musician

Mikhail Alperin was born 7 November 1956 in Kamenetz-Podolsk in the family of journalist Efim Iosifovich and music teacher Sarah Savelyevna Alpern. After graduating from music school in Kamianets-Podilskyi in 1971 he entered the Khmelnytsky music College, then moved to Balti (Moldova), where he continued his studies at the music school, piano class.

Since 1991 Alperin moved to Oslo (Norway). Participated in various music competitions and festivals.

Watch the video as Michael Alperin plays the piano:

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