As scammers are deceiving customers car? Ukraine has intensified car scams

Attackers often hide behind the names of famous automotive brands and companies

 Як аферисти дурять покупців авто? В Україні активізувалися автомобільні шахраї

Group of companies AIS announced on its official website a message that warns motorists about the increasing cases of fraud when buying new vehicles and described a scheme that is often used by such dealers under the guise of names of well-known automotive brands and well-known car companies.

In particular, one of the most common types of fraud – buying a car from unscrupulous leasing company.

Deception No. 1.

Unscrupulous leasing companies advertise (mostly on the Internet) the opportunity to buy a car at a price 10%..20%..30%..50% below the official price-list of cost than an authorized dealer, usually explaining that the conduct of the action. In the end when signing the contract the buyer will enter a price far higher than the official price.

Deception No. 2.

In advertising or in oral conversation with the Manager of the buyer being persuaded that the leasing company is the official partner of the official dealership, which is not true. At the conclusion of the contract with a leasing company – the buyer does not enter into relations with the official dealer center and the latter cannot guarantee that the car buyer will be delivered on time or delivered at all for the stated price.

Deception No. 3.

Payment terms, delivery terms. The leasing company includes the duties: essentially overpriced car, the cost of insurance or % for Bank financing is several times higher than the market, tens of thousands of USD for their services. Sets the period of delivery under the contract from several months to several years, while the words promising the customer a delivery in one week.

As a result, when signing such contract with the leasing company, the client is obliged to redeem the car at a significantly inflated price which he will receive at best a few months. Made a substantial payment (typically a few tens of thousands hrn.) if a customer wants to refuse full repayment of the car, the condition of the contract with such companies will not be returned. Usually the first payment, which is understood by the client as a prepayment for the car is actually a reward leasing company for the preparation of documents and transaction support is 20-50% of the cost of the car.

After signing the contract and the first payment (interpret for a client as a prepayment on the contract) and waiting for a call from the leasing company for 2-3 weeks, the client begins to carefully read the contract and suddenly finds that, by and large, for given several tens of thousands of hryvnia, he acquired just the right car purchase for absolutely not market price! Then the client starts to call “partner of the leasing company” and try to figure out what to do next.

As you can see, in this scheme, there is almost no pure fraud, since the customer knowingly signed a contract with outrageous terms. But, in any case, is a misrepresentation, providing false information.

One of the leasing companies, which according to the information received from customers and operates according to the described scheme –


From its activities in the past year, has suffered a string of buyers. The company works on behalf of several legal entities – LLC “Evrolizing Ukraine”, LLC “Leasing company Avtofinans, OOO Leasing company standard”. On the Internet this company locates, as mentioned above, prices with non-existent prices, and in every city, on behalf of the non-existent dealer, such as m. Odessa: although in fact, no dealership and no.

Leaders of these companies are Nersesov Sergey Albertovich, peepy Alexey. In the AIS Group addressed a number of affected customers who tried to buy cars from the lineup submitted by the company at the market. Despite the fact that these customers did not buy cars in showrooms AIS and did not sign contracts with the company, AIS has initiated statements to the police about entering the above information GRDR.

Recommendations to customers when they purchase a car leasing:

1) Work with companies that are official partners of the dealership. Typically, the list of such companies is published on the website of the dealer or the seller.

2) When negotiating the purchase of a car leasing involve all parties to the transaction, a representative of the dealership and the leasing company.

3) to Obtain from the leasing company the calculation of all payments in writing.

4) When signing the contract to purchase auto lease carefully read the terms of the contract. They should be clearly spelled out terms of purchase, delivery time, payment schedule for a car like this, as You promised the staff leasing company and as stated in the proposal.

Another common type of fraud – “pseudobases car”:

Usually the victim receives a TEXT the phone with information that the person won the car. Next, ask to contact the call center where we instruct how to gift and what to do. Including asked to translate a significant amount, as a condition for receiving the gift. After a person makes a transfer of money, the scammers disappear. This fraud scheme has been used for several years. To deceive the people the scammers hide behind the names of famous car brands and auto companies. Including the Internet has created the promotions page, which shows all names, addresses, car companies, car dealerships, and from these contacts differ only in the phones.

Recommendations fans to participate in the sweepstakes, lotteries and promotions:

1) If you purposefully did not take part in the draw and the lottery, You can’t “just” become a winner and receive a TEXT or email with information about the prize.

2) Sites of pseudococci always placed on someone else a hosting server that allows 1 day to create and 5 minutes to remove the site, a characteristic feature of this site – a primitive design and the domain name of the second level. Find via Google the official website of the company or brand, and find out about current promotions, if any.

3) Scammers always point in the contacts of the mobile phone. Official company contact point in the fixed telephone numbers or contact centers.

4) And most importantly – in the conduct of official promotion no one ever asks the participant to transfer the money to receive a prize.

We call on all citizens and motorists to be careful and work only with trusted partners and companies.


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