5 TOP tips on how to go when the tank is empty

Riding on an empty tank is highly undesirable, but at times it is forced.

5 ТОП порад як їхати коли бак порожній

Often the driver panics after a long journey on car dashboard lamp lights, which indicates that the tank runs out of fuel. How to make it to a gas station, if it is far away, experts told, reaching the TOP 5 tips on how not to stay on the road with an empty tank and not cause serious damage to the technical condition of the car, informs Rus.Media.

Tip # 1

Highlight the fuel reserve. Usually when the LED on the dashboard does not mean that the tank is completely empty, and that there are still about 5-6 litres of fuel, which may not be enough to overcome a few tens of kilometers to the nearest filling station. However, owners of diesel cars should be careful with the drive on an empty tank as this may damage the engine.

Tip # 2

Do not attempt to abruptly accelerate or brake. Try to avoid any sudden movements. All actions must be performed smoothly, especially acceleration, and any inhibition leads to further dispersal and, consequently, increased fuel consumption, so typing speed is required you should try to keep her on the same level as long as possible.

Tip # 3

If traffic allows, try to go for a higher gear. Its recommended rpm at the end of fuel is around 1500-3000 rpm, but a lot of this question depends on the parameters of the car.

Tip # 4

If the situation was critical, you can abandon the headlights, but not to the detriment of themselves and other road users, and turning off air conditioning can save you up to 1-2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Tip # 5

Closes the list of tips for saving fuel drive “coasting”, and with a long descent ahead can and does turn the engine off and the car will roll out of inertia.

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