2018 may 13 – mother’s Day: the history of the holiday, poems, greetings

The tradition of celebrating mother’s Day exists in many countries of the world. This holiday was established in 1910 thanks to the initiative and efforts of a young American woman, Anna Jervis.

13 травня 2018 – День матері: історія свята, вірші, привітання

Anna, early lost his mother, knew how important it was to spend more time with their mothers, which, unfortunately, is not eternal. To people often think about it and don’t forget to give your loved one the attention, affection and love, she decided to make mother’s Day recognized as an official holiday. After 3 years she did it and already 102 years in a row in the world celebrate such a wonderful holiday.
Also note that in the United States, Canada, China and Japan, some European countries, including in Ukraine, mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in may.


If we talk between us,
It all starts with mom.
The first word spoken,
And heard when-lullaby
And Pars steps in the world,
And a trip to Sunny summer.
The easiest little white snowflakes,
Drawings, stories and Christmas tree
Training, dolls and cars…
If we talk between us,
No more for mom!


Favorite mom, you Nemecko soap
Thank you that you have nurtured.
Thanks for the work and hand work,
For joyful days and sleepless nights
I wish you many more to live
To all for centuries were able to invite, informs Rus.Media.


Mommy, grandma, You are our only,
Congratulations all of our family.
The children and grandchildren of You, my dear,
I send a sincere thank you from the heart, dear!
God forbid, You live and grief do not know
To hundredth autumn with us to celebrate!


I congratulate You on the great holiday.
I wish You a lot of joy.
Let the laughing sun, with blue sky
And rose is the first bloom for You.
Even in a life do you think grief does not happen,
On lips smile poppy blooms.
Let the good will every day,
Dear mother, be always happy.
You want the flowering of wealth,
Blue sky and all that I have.
Let loves You, who is sweet to the soul,
I from the heart wish You!


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