What kind of parent you’ll be according to your Zodiac sign?

If you’re wondering what kind of mother you will be and how many children you can raise, we suggest you refer to astrology. Your Zodiac sign will make some tips.

Якою матір&#039ю ви будете відповідно до вашого знаку Зодіаку?

Ducati-Teens before you start dreaming about your future. In dreams they see near a perfect life partner and at least three children. When on the street, they are past the adorable toddler, they will definitely smile at him. All these dreams and affection continued until marriage.

If you’re wondering what kind of mother you will be and how many children you can raise, we suggest you refer to astrology. Your Zodiac sign will make some tips.

Aries – domineering mother

Traditionally our open horoscope Aries – domineering personality, strong leadership. Representatives of this sign can handle a crowd of kids, so they often become mothers with many children. Motherhood for these women is a natural thing. The strength and confidence makes them good teachers.

Taurus – tiger mother

Children are the flowers of life. Women-Tauruses agree with this statement, but they are not ready for the big difference between pregnancies. For representatives of this sign are the ideal option would be two children dogodkov. This will solve many educational problems as kids will be interested with each other. Despite the fact that the Bulls are simply mothers, they know how to have fun. Their motto: work first, fun later.

Gemini – informal mother

Moms, Twins kids will never be bored. At heart they are very similar to their children, know how to have fun, to play and indulge in various adventures. These women tend not to focus on one child, and ideally I dream of having twins. Despite the fact that caring for two babies simultaneously can be a difficult task motherhood for them an unforgettable experience.

Cancer – a loving mother

Family for Cancers is of paramount importance. Women of this sign dream to have two children and give themselves without reserve education. Representatives of this sign are very responsible, so can be considered perfect mothers. Most of their free time they try to be with the family. Friends is only a small part of the attention.

Lion – the passionate mom

In nature lionesses surrounded the pride. Here and in real life representatives of this sign will tend to a family idyll with two or even four children. Drop the doubts about motherhood. Your energy, passion and strength to help cope with multitasking.

Virgo – wonderful mother

Virgin will prefer to give birth and raise only one child, which, however, will be the meaning of her life. She is ready to give to the child all the love and care without the rest. Representatives of this sign love order and regularity. One child fits better in the pragmatic way of life.

Libra – fair mom

Libra loves balance, so in an ideal model, our mom has an even number of children. The representatives of this Zodiac sign strive to make our world a better place. They are compassionate, kind and aware of your roles, therefore, are the ideal foster parents.

Scorpio – mother-protector

Women-Scorpions are always ready to fight to protect their children. An ideal model for representatives of this sign have a big family. Otherwise, they see no point in existence. Scorpio – the sign of the individualists. There is no doubt that these women can raise children well-rounded individuals.

Sagittarius – free mom

Women Sagittarius hate to sit in one place and always busy looking for adventure. They are bold, uninhibited and don’t like obligations. Ideal for representatives of this sign would be the lack of children. But if the offspring do appear, most likely, it would be a single child, raised in the spirit of freedom.

Capricorn – supermama

Capricorns can be attributed to the category of supermen who can manage work, personal life and family. Women of this sign are not afraid to experiment and take bold decisions. Their children get a unique opportunity to learn from the invaluable experience of a mom.

Aquarius – mother-fairy

In the upbringing of children and women-Aquarians are guided by the principles of the comprehensive love. To be a mother to them in joy. At the same time they surround your child a real fairy tale, giving him for the miracle of birth.

Fish – a devoted mother

These women are bright and overflowing with positive emotions of motherhood, so I don’t want to have only one or two children. Their motto: the more, the better! Mother Fish create a warm cozy atmosphere for kids and see the in children its purpose.

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