What is the name of Arseniy: origin, nature

In translation from Greek means “manly”.

Що означає ім&#039я Арсеній: походження, характер

Meaning: In ancient Greek means “courageous”, reports Rus.Media.

Origin: Ukraine was from Byzantium, but very long time not been extended.


Kind by nature, these boys do not cause trouble to their parents. Good study, conflict with peers is not enough. Sociable, but a friend do not call everyone. Vulnerable and sensitive. Doing music, but under pressure from parents. Love animals, keep the house dogs, but are too lazy to care for them. All these boys want to do only what they like to do this, and can FIB. Often caught in absurd and ambiguous situations that they themselves create.

Summer — prefer to listen to what others say. By their nature they are not leaders. It is difficult to move up the career ladder, and if you do a career, it is only thanks to her parents. “Winter” — resourceful, brave in deeds, but very stubborn, and it’s a lot of awkwardness. I play sports, but without visible results. “Autumn” — a shrewd, prudent, hardworking and tidy. I appreciate the friendship, but nothing will be done selflessly for the other. Make plans, often far from reality. Livable, but if you quarrel, long holding a grudge and will never make the first step towards reconciliation. Often married twice. “Autumn” Arseny usually repeat the fate of their parents.

By profession they are designers, athletic trainers, doctors, chefs, artists, architects, drivers, lawyers. Some of them devote themselves to the service of God. Collect ancient icons, books, coins.

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