What are you scare off men by zodiac sign

Sympathy, appeared at the first meeting, is a good reason to start a relationship. However, over time, your habits and traits can push her beloved husband. Find out what you do not like men Zodiac Sign. Every woman needs a loving and caring person. Sometimes representatives of the stronger sex to the beloved happy. However, the nature and habits of many women sometimes can scare off even the most patient and irresistible to men.

Чим ви відлякує чоловіків за знаком зодіаку

Every woman needs a loving and caring person. Sometimes representatives of the stronger sex to the beloved happy. However, the nature and habits of many women sometimes can scare off even the most patient and irresistible to men. Astrologers claim that these features of our inner world — is due to not only heredity and upbringing, but also stars. As it turned out, the representatives of many Zodiac Signs are sometimes unbearable. In this article you will learn what you repels members of the opposite sex, reports Rus.Media.


Representatives of the fire element have a strong character. Paired Aries woman can easily take the position of her husband, which, of course, may not like the beloved. However, much depends on the nature of her husband. If the representative of the stronger sex has the courage, the dignity, the Union with such a woman is unlikely to get him to think about a future together. However some men even flattered that all the decisions in your couple take you. In this case, the relationship will be long lasting.


At first glance, the Taurus woman may look white and fluffy, but very few people know about what goes on behind that beautiful shell. The bulls have one of the most repulsive qualities — commercialism. During acquaintance with a man the first thing they will notice is his wealth and social status. Men with average income can hardly interest a woman. To hide their prudence and the love of money the Taurus is not always. During the communication a person can understand that this woman, of course, interested in wealth, but only to his inner world they can not relate.


Gemini is flighty and unpredictable nature. Men never know what to expect from these women, and it scares them even more. The representatives of this Zodiac Sign do not be afraid to spend the money on new shoes or a dress and the whole month to save even on food. They will not confuse the journey with the men whom they know only a few days, because for them an unforgettable experience and new experience is much more important than safety. Some representatives of the stronger sex are attracted to such adventurism, but many repels. Perhaps many of your friends belong to the latter.


At first acquaintance men can be fascinated by a woman with Cancer. Her sweet smile and gentle nature make men feel even stronger. However, after some time it will reveal the qualities which the beloved had no idea. Her whims and total control is able to corner even the most hardy of the representative of the stronger sex. A woman can always get what they want by using the method of “carrot and stick”, and it does not scare me that favorite can just run away from the home of tyranny, because soon she will find a new victim. However, if the person is right will win the place of leader, he will easily be able to tame his beloved, but to pull this is not necessary.


This Zodiac Sign has the most attractive traits, but oddly, the woman-a Lioness can charm any man. Her arrogance, the desire for leadership and attracts attention of many men, despite the fact that these qualities are not positive. However, in dealing with the kind of woman a man will always feel discomfort. When the Lionesses begin to demand that the beloved is impossible, he just leaves her, and this is not surprising. Even after leaving the zodiacal data representatives do not believe that the blame for the breakup. Soon they go in search of new love.


The woman-Virgo often have difficulty finding a spouse. They want to see only the best men. It needs to be beautiful, rich, healthy — in short, not a man but an ideal. While interacting with the opposite sex so they can criticize unfortunate that his self esteem will hit rock bottom. When talking she will find the weakest point of the interlocutor and precisely will not miss the opportunity to touch his most sensitive spot, whether it be looks, wealth or status. One glance can make a man feel like a misunderstanding. Of course, most men deter these women, and the relationship with them, as a rule, be completed at an early stage.


Women attract Libra men their helplessness. Most often, however, the representatives of the zodiacal circle do not know what they need. Sometimes they are ready to seek help, but after some time they will take her. Such changes in mood alienate many men, because hardly anyone will like to constantly indulge the whims of the beloved. Of course, some members of the opposite sex that first comes the desire to know what tomorrow will want a lovely woman. However, over time, many get bored to solve these puzzles, and at this stage the relationship ends.


The representatives of this Zodiac Sign do not have the most attractive traits, but most of the men pushes their mystery. In the inner world of female Scorpions lies many mysteries, and not every representative of the stronger sex there is a desire to solve them. In addition, Scorpios do not always allow others to interfere in their thoughts, and the one who tries to do that, risking running into a scandal. If a woman you’re really in love, then she can try to change yourself for the sake of the beloved, but it turns out not always. Therefore, men are left with two choices: either to accept to part forever with his beloved.


Women Archers not only possess unique mental powers, but also a rich imagination. They make good careers, but to be docile wife it’s very difficult. Sometimes they just get bored, and they begin to think of a reason for scandal. If the favorite had to work late, so he had a mistress. If during the evening he’s thinking about something and talking with his beloved, then he stopped loving her. For a quarrel can be any, but that does not always really justified. Over time this behavior starts to bother the men, which leads to rupture.


Sometimes men want to chat with a woman about something abstract, but a Capricorn woman is not capable of. Work is their main topic of conversation. For one evening, they can talk about lazy colleagues, unfair of the chief of a small salary, and at this point, the interlocutor will have to keep an eye on the clock and come up with a reason for retreat. Of course, if the representative of this Zodiac Sign will find a partner with similar passion for the job, the Union will be strong. Unfortunately, such men do not much so, for a long time female Capricorn has to be in splendid isolation.


Female Aquarians are among the elusive avanturistic. Along with the Twins, they are drawn to adventure and crave new experiences, but not every man like this behavior of a loved one. As soon as he wants to spend time with the woman, she would go shopping, for a walk with friends or even leave town. Not surprisingly, many representatives of the stronger sex try to avoid serious relationships with Aquarians, because to be in constant expectation and hope for a date with your favorite very difficult. However, should the husband accept the fact that the relationship will fail, Aquarius immediately starts to pester your beloved calls, and to seek a meeting with him.


A man who wants a serious relationship with a female Fish will never know whether the beloved to reciprocate his feelings or not. This Zodiac Sign repel members of the opposite sex their coldness. Even if this woman fall in love before losing memory, that to tell her beloved will be very difficult. As well, these representatives of the zodiacal circle may not always openly show their emotions that at times scares men. To unravel the mysteries of her inner world, a lot of time, and not every man can cope with such complicated assignment. That is why many of them disappear, and not knowing about the true feelings of a woman-Fish.

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