Ukraine is negotiating bitwise with the countries of the “white Schengen”

Ukraine is negotiating with the countries of the white Schengen on the establishment with them of visa-free regime.

Україна веде переговори про безвизе з країнами "білого шенгену"

This UNN told the head of Department for legal and consular Affairs, Deputy head of the Department of consular service of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Sergey Menyailo, reports Rus.Media.

“A list of so-called “white Schengen” is a list, which also includes Ukraine. This is an EU regulation of 2001, which establishes the list of countries whose citizens can enter Europe without a visa and stay there for 90 days in 180. Besides Ukraine, the list contains another 61 state. With all of them we are in dialogue, visa, intended to citizens of Ukraine who have the right of entry into the EU without visas, also had the right of entry into these countries whose citizens, in turn, entering without a visa to Europe. We offer on a reciprocal basis. We come to you with bezveza – you to us, to the geography of visa-free travel of Ukrainian citizens was broader. Not only the EU member States and the Schengen area, as well as States whose nationals enter the EU without visas is, as I said, the same Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Seychelles, the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Macedonia, Albania – the list is quite long. And all we have a different level of dialogue, but all trying to achieve the result”, – said Menyailo.

According to him, four countries in Latin America, Ukraine may conclude agreements on the abolition of visas in the near future.

“With the four countries of the region were discussed the possibility in the near future contracts on the abolition of the visa regime. It’s Uruguay, Peru, Colombia. Substantive discussions were in Mexico,” – said Menyailo during the round table.

He also stressed that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry set a clear objective – expanding the geography of visa-free travel of Ukrainians to the maximum number of countries.

“Today, the Ukrainian citizens can travel visa-free in 85 countries of the world,” he added.

Recall, the demand for Schengen visas for Ukrainians was halved.

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