Trains Ukrainians will install video surveillance

To control the order of “Ukrzaliznytsya” plans to set in train surveillance system.

У поїздах за українцями встановлять відеоспостереження

About this powderless on the website of the national carrier. They will appear in the cars that passed capitally-regenerative repair, reports Rus.Media.

This system will consist of three cameras (they plan to place on the sides of the corridor of the car and in the vestibule) and the monitor that will be installed in the service compartment conductor.

Such equipment for “Ukrzaliznytsya” is not new, it is already there in some trains. It is hoped that this step will be more order. In addition, the saved video will help to objectively investigate the conflicts, if any, and to identify free riders.

Now ProZorro already announced a tender for the purchase of 100 sets of such systems. They should be installed before the end of this year.

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