Tips for those who eats a lot and can’t stop

Using these tips you will become to control your appetite.

Поради для тих, хто багато їсть і не може зупинитися

Each of us loves to eat, and those who say that cold before eating, simply disingenuous. Each of us has his weakness, someone is a sucker for sweets, others give sausages and other meat products, and some can not live without fast food. And if some people once a week to eat your favorite sweets, others eat and can’t stop. Of course, this food is hardly the behavior of someone be happy, because the extra pounds are invisible lifeline stick in the waist area. But don’t despair, there’s always a way and now we’ll prove it, reports Rus.Media.

Eat alone

If during a meal a person is distracted and not paying attention to his portion, he eats more. While watching the TV portion to increase on average by 14%, while socializing with friends — 18%.

To be satisfied, it is not enough to put food into the stomach, the process is important. You should see the food, smell her and taste. When you eat while driving, while reading or talking, the brain is busy with these tasks and retrieve data about the food. As a result, the appetite is retained for much longer.

Eat alone, put down the smartphone, turn off the TV. Concentrate on eating and their feelings on it, and you will feel full more quickly.

Find the portion

If you can’t just focus on food, try to find your portion and focus on her.

Take the time and enjoy conscious eating. Watch your feelings while eating and stop when feel full. Remember what it looks like the relevant portion, and use it as a reference.

Do not give up right from favorite food

To do this, you need an iron willpower. But it will not help if the external circumstances are against you. Stress and fatigue can ruin your self-control, you lose it and act on the principle of “barn Burned, burn the hut.”

There is nothing wrong to eat a slice of pizza, ice cream or chocolate, all day if you eat healthy. This will help you to resist the disruptions in the first time and get used to proper nutrition.

Change eating habits gradually. Sometimes allow yourself a tasty high-calorie food, so as not to break.

Eat more fiber

Поради для тих, хто багато їсть і не може зупинитися

Add in the diet of more non-starchy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber: grapefruit, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper.

Water and fiber provide satiety, low calorie will not allow you to go beyond your limits. In addition, all of these fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

Reduce stress

Prolonged stress increases appetite and cravings for high-calorie foods. Under the action of stress hormones quickly increases fat in the waist and losing weight becomes challenging.

We are not always able to influence external events, but we can change our response to them. Try relaxation and breathing techniques to combat short-term stress. Reconfigure the brain through meditation, receive positive emotions from exercise.

Keep a log of food

Поради для тих, хто багато їсть і не може зупинитися

Write down everything you ate throughout the day: meals, snacks, drinks.

To keep a food diary, you will have to control your portions. This control will not allow you to mindlessly overeat, even if you are not going to revise your diet. In addition, the log will show what points you tend to overeat, and what foods make up a large part of your diet.

Don’t eat with someone who eats

If you can’t eat alone, at least choose people with a good food habits.

People tend to choose junk food “for the company”. If your partner eats two big Mac with a liter of Cola, you are more likely to allow themselves to eat more and also to order something unhealthy.

Add more protein

Поради для тих, хто багато їсть і не може зупинитися

High-protein food helps to control appetite. Prepare a Breakfast high in protein, and you don’t think about food until dinner.

Include protein in each meal, add to your diet of eggs, chicken, milk and cheese, salmon, tuna, legumes. In addition to the main meals, you can cook high-protein snacks.

Choose foods with a low glycemic index

When you eat food with carbohydrates in the blood increases the level of sugar glucose. The more rise glucose levels after a meal, the higher the glycemic index (GI).

Foods with a high GI reduce the feeling of fullness, causing you to eat more. In addition, carbohydrates from foods are quickly digested, so you will very soon want to eat again.

High values of GI white bread and pastries, sugar and sweets, starchy vegetables: potatoes and corn (popcorn, corn flakes).

Replace sugary drinks for water

Поради для тих, хто багато їсть і не може зупинитися

Sweet drinks knowingly sold in fast food chains: it increases the appetite. If you replace the normal water on sugary drinks, you may eat a 7.8% increase. In addition, sugary drinks increase your daily calorie intake, creating the risk of type 2 diabetes, excess weight and obesity.

Understand what is the reason for overeating

Overeating is typical for people after stress, in a state of fear, sadness and boredom. A bad mood makes people choose high-calorie delicious food to distract from negative feelings and improve psychological state.

Awareness is the first step to its solution. When again, you will pull the food after stress or boredom, try to improve your mood differently: go for a walk, arrange a home workout, call a friend.

Replace bad habits to useful

Check whether you have habits that provoke overeating. Maybe you used to eat ice cream in front of the TV to sit at the table, communicating with family and along the way, eating sandwiches and sweets.

Do not have to give up their habits if they bring you pleasure. Try a little change: replace ice cream for a delicious tea, sweets and sandwiches to fruit slicing.

Replace some of the carbs for fats

Food rich in fats, keeps the feeling of satiety compared to high-carbohydrate food.

If you are prone to atherosclerosis, do not get saturated fat from butter and fat. Add more foods with unsaturated fats: nuts, oily fish, avocado. In any case, avoid TRANS fats from the purchase of cakes and junk food.

Reduce the amount of fast carbs and replace them with fats. So you to keep longer satiety and not eat until the next meal.

Consider your weaknesses

Some are sweet, others can’t live without baking or French fries. Think about what high-calorie foods make you lose your head, and do not keep them at home. To fill the gap in snacks, make sandwiches with tuna, a fruit plate, a dessert made from bananas, white yogurt and nuts and other healthy meals.

If you can’t live without candy and chips, at least get them off the table out of the closet so passing does not automatically grab a handful of junk food.

Ask for help

If you can’t handle eating their own, lose control, eat without feeling hungry and eat to satiety, seek help of a psychiatrist. Timely treatment will help you avoid excess weight and not come to bulimia.

If the stress is related to traumatic events in the past, ask for help to a therapist — it will help to find out the roots of the problem and deal with it.

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