The blonde moves so that no man can take my eyes off her!

The dancer in the video’s name is Sara Lopez — she’s the best performer of Kizomba in the world!

Ця блондинка рухається так, що ні один чоловік не може відвести від неї погляд!

All my childhood Sarah gave dance, 15 years she trained in the ballet school of London and completed training with honors, reports Rus.Media. In addition to classical ballet, she studied modern dance, flamenco, funk and jazz.

At 22, she went to Los Angeles to improve their skills and increase their skills. After a while Sarah became a teacher of hip-hop and gave master classes in Kizomba.

In late 2009 she paired with Alberon Rojas won second place at the international championship of Kizomba in Madrid. But she became famous mostly due to commercials on the Internet and here is one of them:

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