The blogger said about 10 thousand men and famous

Lucas shared with papinniemi dialogue with a young man, whom she met via the app Tinder.

Блогер повідомила про зв&#039язки з 10 тисячами чоловіків і прославилася

Blogger Chloe Lucas (Chloe Lucas) published a Twitter conversation with a guy who couldn’t understand its a joke based on the story of the children’s song. Inadequate reaction of the interlocutor helped the girl to become a popular in the network, reports Rus.Media.

A screenshot of the correspondence she was accompanied by an ironic review of “How I flirt”.

Trying to make conversation, the guy said how you want to name a girl Chloe or Chlorine (apparently, it was created at the site of the Dating service). Lucas joked, saying that his friends call him the Duke of York. Faced with incomprehension, she clarified: “Because I had 10 thousand men.” The interviewee took the expression literally and, calling a girl a whore, stopped communicating.

“‘How do you flirt?’ …”

Блогер повідомила про зв&#039язки з 10 тисячами чоловіків і прославилася

The publication of a screenshot of the correspondence quickly went viral and gained nearly 120 thousand likes. Most fans had a good laugh over the joke Lucas and wished to repeat it when convenient. Some expressed the opinion that the girl is too good for this unfunny guy.

Simple English song about old Duke of York — one of the most famous children’s singsong: it tells us that the nobleman, who had 10 of thousands of soldiers, forced his army to climb the hill and come back down.

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