Stylish accessories for installation on each day 2018: shawl, flowers and ribbon

Makeup and styling is an important part of the image of any girl. Every day, we try to be different, but sometimes just lacks imagination. If you run out of inspiration, we are here to help and are already sharing trend accessories that complement the styling for every day and will be a godsend at this event. .

Стильні аксесуари для укладки на кожен день 2018: хустка, квіти та стрічки

In the spring and summer I want a careless ease, that fits in with the trends of 2018. Any hairstyle, even the most simple you can accessorize. The main rule is not to burden the way, reports Rus.Media.


One of the trends 2018 — fresh flowers in the hair. They perfectly complement any styling, ranging from romantic curls and finishing strong beam. Tip: look best little blossoms.

Interesting use of colors in your conclusion shows Nanny @beautybyellada and @olesya_zemskova in his Instagram blog.


The handkerchief — hit this spring and summer. Perfectly complement any gown. On trend floral print and subtle shades. Ultraviolet — trend color 2018. Use this shade! In addition, the scarf is a very functional accessory that you can use in any season in different ways.

Expert opinion

Personal stylist and fashion blogger Anastasia Miller @dobrobaba_an shared with us his thoughts on the new “well forgotten old” trend.

Anastasia Malniece

In the spring and summer season in the trend silk scarves. I recommend to choose options from silk or polyester. Advantageous to look like thinner scarves and classic scarves. The variations are many. The most relevant and easiest option is to replace this accessory elastic band, tie a ponytail (high or low). Also it can be used to wrap flowing hair, how to tie a turban or to make a netting around carelessly assembled beam. Choose pastel and soft colors, but do not forget from time to time to dilute the rich. Always pick an accessory for your image. For example, if you prefer a more neutral clothing — dilute look brightness.

Nanny @blohaute and @hairby_chrissy in his Instagram shows different styling options with such a bright accessory!


Tapes of various materials can be used in any installation. Mix and match textures and colors. One hairstyle you can use several ribbons and even dilute it with flowers. By the way, very fashionable to use the ribbon as the bows, which, depending on the length you can make three-dimensional, or Vice versa. In trend velvet texture.

Interesting use of colors in your conclusion shows Nanny @beautybyellada @olesya_zemskova and @hair_by_zolotaya in his Instagram blog.

Pick the accessory depending on the event. A simple hairstyle for every day will work nicely with tape, but for a party or celebration feel free to choose delicate flowers. Pay attention to the color of the accessory. It should be in harmony with your way.

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