Scientists have named nine ways to protect from cancer

Tips scientists help to protect against cancer.

Вчені назвали дев&#039ять способів захисту від онкології

Every year on cancer treatment in the world spend enormous amount. Only in the US it is $ 1.16 trillion. At the same time, according to statistics, 50% of cases of this disease could be prevented. Of course, the causes of cancer is not always easy to establish, but scientists are trying to solve this problem, reports Rus.Media.

Experts have compiled the latest research, which discusses how to prevent cancer, and will tell you about the advice of doctors.

A list of tips from scientists and oncologists from around the world:

1. Always apply sunscreen

Joseph Abanco, a dermatologist from the University of Pennsylvania, argues that our skin is quite an easy target for cancer. So every time under the sun, he takes a sunscreen with a high SPF. Of course, in the countries situated to the North, where the sun is not a year, you can not apply it is the lack of Sunny days, but in any vacation or summer never to forget about protecting their skin.

2. Choose vegetables rich green color

It is established that green vegetable contains high amounts of chlorophyll that gives them rich color and, in addition, affect a favorable combination with an element such as magnesium. A group of scientists from different medical institutions stressed that magnesium is one of the most important substances for the prevention of colon cancer in women.

I agree with this opinion the representative of the Centre of Oncology Moffit Philip Spiess, who shares his “green” recipe. Philip every morning, puts out 1/4 Cup of the spinach, then mix it with one egg, and then optionally pouring a glass of egg whites, then adds a pinch of grated cheese, avocado and chili sauce. This results in a mixture, ideal for roll. Spiess said that is one of the best anti-cancer food.

3. Try to take aspirin daily, if you do not contraindicated

For the prevention of colon cancer Daniel Rosenberg from the University of Connecticut recommends taking a 81 mg aspirin daily. Was conducted over a 20 year study proved that people who took aspirin daily for 1 year decreased the risk of death from colon cancer.

However, aspirin is better to be careful before consuming consult with your doctor: experts do not recommend to use it people who suffer from diseases of the kidneys and liver, and for those who have high blood pressure.

4. Use less plastic

Professor, University of California, San Francisco June Chan says that it is better to reduce the use of plastic packaging. This is due to the fact that plastics can contain chemicals that can cause cancer. So, buying something in the store or collecting lunch with you, choose paper bags or ceramic dish, as does Joon Chan.

It is also recommended to install a filter on tap water to avoid buying bottled. Better to drink filtered water from the tap than those purchased in bottles, because often, tap water might even be better than the one sold in bottles in the store, because it does not interact with plastic.

5. Eat nuts every day

This item need to learn for those who have the habit of Smoking. National Institute of health have proven that smokers who frequently eat nuts are less prone to lung cancer. This result is due to the fact that nuts can slow oxidative stress in the body, which are associated with Smoking.

For example, an oncologist from the cancer Institute Dana-Farber Matthew Yurgelun every day eating pistachios or almonds. But pay attention to not only them, but also to Brazil nut. It contains large amounts of selenium, antioxidant properties which reduce the risk of bladder cancer in women. Therefore, it is recommended to make a habit of eating 20 peanuts every day.

6. Eat more fish and not meat

Christopher Saigal a urologist at the University of California in Los Angeles, proposes to abandon the frequent use of meat. To his patients he says healthy food for the heart may be the very same food, which will reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer. In addition, a large amount of meat can lead to the development of colon cancer.

The researchers also note that it is better not to buy in the shops ready meat, if you already want to eat it, then you need to cook it at home and preferably pre-marinated in rosemary and thyme. These herbs have antioxidant properties that will keep the meat hazardous to health substances.

7. Exercise regularly

No need to torture yourself daily hours-long workouts. Enough to spend on activities for about 2.5 hours a week. The study proved that persistent activity reduces the likelihood of death from cancer by about 30% compared to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Also an active lifestyle will help to avoid the accumulation of extra pounds that increase the risk of breast cancer, kidney, esophagus and other organs. So, the oncologist from the Cleveland Institute of cancer cat Makra though, and already leads a busy life, but still actively involved in Cycling, riding more than 30 km daily.

8. Give preference to vegetables and fruits

In vegetables and fruits contains fiber, which can keep bacteria, which help in the intestines need to fight cancer. In addition, such bacteria soothe inflammation and even protect the DNA molecules. The most active bacteria for cancer prevention can be obtained from broccoli, cabbage, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes.

9. Do not use dry cleaning

In the traditional dry cleaning uses the solvent perchloroethylene. This substance can cause cancer of the liver and kidneys. The main danger is the treatment of clothing this way and use in the process of the old equipment. To protect yourself from such cleaning, when buying clothes, look carefully at the labels: if there is a circle in which is the letter “R”, it is better not to take such a thing, because this designation suggests that when dry will be used perchlorethylene.

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