Released the first scene from political Thriller about the famine

In Cannes, the marché du film MARCH DU FILM, which takes place from 8 to 17 may, the company distributor, WestEnd Films have unveiled the first official scene from the political Thriller “Gareth Jones” film Director Agnieszka Holland.

Оприлюднено перший кадр з політичного трилера про Голодомор

The film is created with the support of the state, reports Rus.Media.

About it reports a press-service of the state, with the support of which is created the film.

The frame of the movie is the star of actor James Norton (“War and peace”, “Happy valley”, “Mcmafia”) in the likeness of the Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, the protagonist of the tape.

The role of British journalist Ada Brooks, who works in Moscow, takes Vanessa Kirby ( “the Crown”, “Mission impossible: Folaut”).

A nominee for the award “Golden globe” American actor Peter sarsgaard (“Jackie”, “the Magnificent seven”, “an Education”) plays in the Thriller head of the Moscow Bureau of The New York Times – Walter Duranty.

In addition, the team was joined by British actor Joseph Moule (“Game of thrones”) in the role of George Orwell and Kenneth Cranham ( “Maleficent”, “Valkyrie”), who plays the Prime Minister of great Britain during the First world war Lloyd George.

From the Ukrainian side in the film, attended by Yakov Tkachenko ( “Pryputni”), Oleg Drach (“invincible”, “Prayer for Hetman Mazepa”), Vladimir Fedoruk, Anne Shayduk, Chala, Anastasia and Alina Kowalska.

On the creation of tape authors were inspired by the incredible untold story of a young Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, who in 1933 traveled to the Soviet Union, to expose and to bring to the world community the truth about the crimes of the Stalinist regime and the Holodomor in Ukraine. What at first glance seemed ordinary journalistic investigation turned into a deadly journey, the opening of which became the basis for writing an allegorical novel “Animal farm” by George Orwell.

As previously reported, on 71-m the Cannes international film festival will premiere two Ukrainian films – “Donbass” and “Woman at war”.

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