New myths about subsidies

On the government portal explain how affect the benefits of valuable purchase, changes in family composition etc.

Нові міфи про субсидії

1, Saying if not to inform the management of social protection of the population that son-in-law made a purchase in excess of 50 thousand UAH, grant mother-in-law will cancel.

In fact, if the family made a purchase that exceeds 50 thousand UAH in the period of receipt of the grant, the subsidy it will NOT stop giving. But this family within a month is obliged to notify the Department of social protection of the population. The fact of such a purchase affects the right to assign benefits for the next term.

Therefore, if the aid is assigned during the month subsidence are required to report personally to the bodies of social protection of the population, providing supporting documents to the following changes:

– part was in housing: anyone checked out or prescribed;

– social status of family members: someone retired or got a job, became a pensioner;

– the one-time purchase, which is more than 50 thousand UAH;

– a set of utilities: refused from Central heating and switched to individual or Vice versa.

2. Say, if you do not inform the Department of social protection about the changes in the family structure, subsidies will have to return.

In fact, the subsidy is irreversible state aid for payment of utility services. But if the quantity registered in the apartment of individuals has decreased or increased – this is necessary to inform experts who are subsidy business. And the subsidy will be recalculated.

It so happens that during the period of subsidies in the room changing, someone got out, someone spelled out. About this subsidence obliged within one month to inform the Department of social protection.

After verifying the information will be a recalculation of the size of housing subsidies. In the case of increasing the number of registered faces, depending on social status and income of the person who has registered, the subsidy per family can be increased or decreased. According to the formula for calculating subsidies the amount of the benefit depends on total family income: the greater the number of members of the family and its total income, the less compensation by the state for public services and Vice versa.

3. They say the savings from subsidies every month back in the management of social protection of the population.

In fact, the amount of subsidies that the state granted to citizens for payment of utility services in the amount of social norms and which is not used in the last month with the family due to savings of electricity, gas or water, must be counted the service provider as part of payment for the services of the following billing periods.

November and December was relatively warm, and people began to wonder if they use less resources, how can they be?

If the family used the resources less than the established social norm, next month she is entitled to the savings were credited to the next payments. For example, in January required payment is 1000 UAH for the social norm of 400 cubic meters of gas, and actually used only 100 cubic meters. Balance – 300 cubic meters – can be used in the colder months, for example, in February. In this case you have nothing to report these amounts must be specified in the payment as an overpayment (minus).

If the performer of housing and communal services “ignores” the extra subsidy and accrues otherwise, he violates the law (Decree of Cabinet of Ministers № 848 “About simplification of procedure for granting subsidies for reimbursement for housing and communal services, purchase of liquefied gas, solid and liquid stove fuel”).

In addition, the amount of savings subsidies does not affect the calculation of the amount required to pay for utilities. It is based on total family income and information about tariffs from the service providers, and does not change during the period of receiving subsidies.

In case of violation of such rights Ukrainians can complain to the heads of bodies of power or bodies of local self-government. It will help to resolve the situation with illegal payments in case the account of a household is a savings subsidy.

4. Say, deposits-in-law affect the grant of Tiffany.

In fact, the subsidy shall be appointed without regard to the availability of deposits and revenues from their placement in the Bank without any restrictions regarding the availability of the property.

For the appointment of subsidies the total income calculated based on revenue excluding tax on income of physical persons data about which are the structural units on issues of social protection of the population of the SFS, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, funds of social insurance and state social aid that is paid to the structural units on issues of social protection of the population, EXCEPT:

– assistance at child birth, the payment which is a lump sum;

– part of the aid for adoption of a child, the payment of which shall be in a lump sum;

lump – sum compensation to women who are awarded the honorary title of Ukraine “Mother-heroine”;

– state social help on children-orphans and children deprived of parental care;

– assistance to children under guardianship or trusteeship;

– monthly targeted assistance to IDPs to cover living expenses, including housing and communal services.

In gross income are also NOT counted:

– paid by a person alimony;

– income from deposits;

– remuneration of members of the election Commission and persons who are employed to work in the Commission, including on the voting day, days of the establishment of voting results and election results;

– assistance of public and charitable organizations;

– a burial allowance;

– one-off assistance provided in accordance with the laws or decisions of the organs of Executive power and local self-government, enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of ownership;

– the cost of free received sanatorium-resort vouchers, prosthetic and orthopedic products, rehabilitation equipment;

amounts paid as reimbursement of harm caused to the employee for the damage of health connected with execution of labour duties.

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