Meet the most unhappy woman in the Internet. You will laugh to tears!

True story.

Знайомтеся: сама нещасна жінка в інтернеті. Будете сміятися до сліз!

Many of us happened to hit his toe on the table leg or slip, getting out of the bath, but the lady Reddit under the nickname TheFlyingPigSquadron surpassed all the news informs Rus.Media.

About a year ago, the Scot told the Internet a story that began with the usual shower and ended in the emergency room. Looks like this democs got a special dose of bad luck! Maybe she looked in a broken mirror or walked under a ladder?

Read her story and don’t get into such scrapes!

TheFlyingPigSquadron told his tragic, but very funny story on the Internet:

This morning I climbed into the shower and decided to wash my hair. I have a very long kursawe hair that reaches mid back. But when the hair is wet the curls are straightened, and it reaches almost to the priests.

So, wet hair, shampoo is applied, left to wash away. I nehiley head back and pulling the hair on the shoulder like in a shampoo. And feel like something for my priests.

Being an adult woman and logical, I immediately do the only possible conclusion:


With a cry that would be envied by monkeys-Howler, Tits in hand, wild mermaid I tried to escape from the shower stall. And immediately found a new ability: the ability to do the splits.

This in itself was a huge physical feat, because actually in my bathroom is not big enough for the twine, even a child, not to mention me with the growth of 177 cm. as a result, when my leading leg made contact with the base of the toilet, my body was sent back to the soul. In the end I got stuck between the toilet and shower cubicle.

Which immediately got in the face of the door.

The trip to the emergency room have: dislocation of tibia, broken ankle, two broken toes, a beautiful rainbow of bruises in the most interesting places, and anything.

But the story doesn’t end there! Adventure plaid continued…

PSA: Because I am special one unicorn’s, broken fingers and a fracture on my different legs, so I now have a new stylish wheelchair (well, not exactly new, it’s from the Ministry of health and in Scotland).

I also got an apartment on the second floor, which for me is still on Everest, so I’m in the family home until the sprain healed enough that I could come up with some new PI*Dec.

I’m in a wheelchair for about 6 hours, and during that time I managed to bump into all the schools and rip off two walls (don’t tell my mom). After I two hours flew around the house a La ping pong, mom zadovbali, and she sent me to get my younger brother, who played video games in the living room.

Well, I gave him a ride, we pomalaa garbage, and then he says 3 words, which I’m writing this update:

“Take a ride on the back!”

Figley there — I tried. As a result, the chair fell back, I rolled over ass up (this time my Boobs aren’t scattered in all directions, because it was fixed in a stationary position) and hit his head on the fireplace.

In the end I lie on my back, unconvincingly portraying an inverted turtle in plaster and with a new traumatic brain injury. My 19-year-old alleged adult brother trying to crawl to get to the bathroom, while he was not wpicasa with laughter.

So now I’m back in the emergency room, waiting while I re-assemble the parts.

Fortunately, the doctor took measures to prevent the further adventures! He understood that this woman has high taumoepeau!

PSA 2: No, I have no new injuries. Following an examination by the same doctor, and for the first time, I’m happy to report that I have not cracked the skull, and no concussion.

I only broke the skin and was repaired with glue, tape, because, as it turned out, the medicine used stationery. Still I’m back in a wheelchair, for the wise doctor decided that “to walk on crutches — this is called “bump””.

And he’s right: I honestly admit that I definitely would try to ride on them or use them as pirate halberd. Although rather both.

The Internet was in awe of her stories and wanted more.

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