May 12 – the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of nine martyrs

Czesc martyrs help with bodily diseases and epidemics.

12 травня – православна церква відзначає День пам&#039яті дев&#039яти мучеників

At the end of III century the city’s population kisika was predominantly pagan, and in it from different cities came nine Christians Feigned, Rufus, Antipater, Peosta, Tom, MAGN, Theodotus, and Philemon Famosi, who began their preaching, reports Rus.Media.

They were arrested, brought to trial and subjected to various tortures in order to obtain from them the renunciation of Christ, and to persuade to make sacrifices to the pagan gods. Seeing the perseverance of the martyrs, they were beheaded, and the body buried outside the city.

During the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great the relics of saints were placed in the temple built in their honor and began to be revered as miraculous.

According to popular belief czesc martyrs help with bodily diseases and epidemics.

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