Like one day without food rejuvenates the body!

The only thing you should not forget before fasting is necessary to cleanse the body.

Як один день без їжі омолоджує організм!

Long been known and scientifically proven that intermittent fasting is good for health. Our ancestors regularly observe fasts, and saints and even staged a hunger strike for a certain period, because such unloading of the body helping to cleanse not only the body and clarify the mind.reports Rus.Media.
In modern society, the bustle of the cult of food we try to eat regularly, often, not even managing to feel real hunger. But such a diet is not the best way affects state of health.

The benefits of fasting and fasting days, and the focus of this article.

Professor of medicine Code Mitsuo, known for his research in the field of fasting, says: “If you’re at the end of each week to fast and neatly out of fasting, we get the effect as from prolonged fasting. After six months or a year you will be healthy beyond recognition.” Fasting is highly valued by many physicians and is a hidden popular among professionals.

That’s what the doctors say about the day of weekly fasting:

– If one-day fasting once a week to continue during the year, it will improve the person’s Constitution and save it from diseases.
Fatigue of internal organs are largely removed overnight fasting. There are many cases where a slight degree of diabetes could be cured only due to the fact that the pancreas could rest for a few days of fasting.
– One day of fasting rejuvenates the body for three months.
It turned out that through fasting in ancient times treated patients Hippocrates, Avicenna, Paracelsus and other physicians. Currently there are many scientific data that reveal the mechanism of therapeutic action of fasting, which stimulates metabolism, rejuvenates the body and prevents aging.
During complete starvation is the energy that was spent by us on the digestion of food to treat existing diseases and for actually cleansing. On personal experience I am convinced that with a runny nose empty stomach take it for two days, with the strongest flu for some reason for three.
But if in the first case, you can move, then the flu accompanied by alternately horrifying fever and drowsiness. The amazing thing is that after this treatment look like after SPA treatments. Don’t know what it is, but obviously the body is purified both externally and internally. By the way, if you decide to treat the disease of hunger, in any case, do not take any medication.
You can only drink water often and in small portions. The day should drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid. But pure water to drink a weak infusion of rose hip or herbal tea (without sugar!).

Order in mind

By the way, intermittent fasting, in addition to cleansing and significant improvement in the appearance is another unexpected effect. It is to increase the power of imagination and ability to create. For example, John Lennon, one of the legendary “Beatles”, practiced meditation, and was fond of fasting. It is possible that his creative inspiration in the music industry are the result not only of talent and hard work, but also periodic refusal of sustenance.
So Toyo, a former member of the house of Commons of the Japanese Parliament, to all the doubters strongly recommended that a weekly day of fasting as a method of rehabilitation and enhanced thinking. He repeatedly stressed that this is not just a diet, because starvation due to the head works better and constantly get ideas.

The only thing you should not forget before fasting is necessary to cleanse the body. For this 2 days before a scheduled exclude from the diet of animal products. Go to the grass-plant-based diet. The menu should consist of a variety of cereals, vegetables and fruits. Always start with 1-2 days of fasting, then go on a 3 day. How long was the hunger so much out of him

It is possible to spend in a row alternately one-, two-, and three-day fasting, ending each in the same duration output from the process. A further increase in time should be after longer breaks. Gradually, you can bring starvation to 7 days. It is desirable to spend 1 time in 6 months. More prolonged fasting at home (at least until you master) is not recommended.

And most importantly, in the process of self-purification is very important optimistic. Starting to starve, believe in success and you will achieve outstanding results. The body is able to cope with any disease, and when the regular fasting will enter you into the habit, you’re not going to hurt.


If you properly prepare for the daily fasts, and make them consistently, and systematically every week, you can achieve good results for weight loss.

According to experts, a mild stress, that is the body during moderate fasting, a positive effect on the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer. Prerequisite — if you decide to starve, then do it regularly and drink during this process the water.


You need to start with mood. At first, starvation causes discomfort, light stress constant background and to overcome it, you need to possess sufficient motivation.

On the day before fasting be moderate in food, it is advisable not to drink alcohol, do not eat a lot at night, don’t eat meat in the evening.

Try to find classes. Better if it will be the case outdoors, at the cottage in the woods. Do not make your first fasting at work. Possible problems with various unpleasant sensations — headaches, dizziness, weakness, bad mood, bad breath can spoil your relationships with others and prevent needless starvation. In the future you will be able to starve “without job” and no one will even notice.

I do so:

Sunday. At 18:00 light dinner, then try to go to bed early.

Monday. During the day (18:00), as and when thoughts about food and drinking water.

Monday 18:00, out of starvation. Make a salad of grated carrots (no fill). You can then eat a piece of bread, preferably wholemeal, stale. 2 hours later you can cook porridge (preferably on water and without oil).

The output of the one-day fasting

Recommendation P. Bragg on nutrition in the recovery period.

1 day (24 hours) = if you want, you can add distilled water 1/3 teaspoon of crude honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, it makes the water pleasant and dissolves mucus and toxins.

At the end of the fasting first food should be salad of fresh vegetables mostly from grated carrots and grated cabbage. As a condiment can use the juice of a lemon or orange. This dish acts as a broom for the intestines. After that, you can eat cooked vegetables, such as stewed tomatoes. You can eat various greens — spinach, pumpkin, leaf cabbage, cooked celery or fibrous beans. Never interrupt the fasting animal products: meat, cheese, fish, nuts or seeds. Within 2 days do not eat any acidic food.

Any person may, without serious consequences can live without food and water for several days, and only our ignorance leads us to die from fear in such a short time.

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