Invisible enemies: Threats that humanity is not taking seriously

“We’re all gonna die!”, – do not count how many times this phrase sounded in apocalyptic movies and in most of them people do not panic in vain.

Невидимі вороги: Загрози, які людство не приймає всерйоз

Nuclear warheads, climate catastrophe, asteroid rapid and insidious virus has destroyed the world in a matter of days, or even seconds, but few of the spectators thought that all this can happen in reality. Invisible enemies must know in person, and this will help our article.

Climate change: getting hot

Невидимі вороги: Загрози, які людство не приймає всерйоз

Global warming, greenhouse effect, melting glaciers – that’s about all most people know about climate change, but note they are likely to weather anomalies than the disappearing icebergs. Meanwhile, the factors affecting climate change mostly human, and snow in June or Christmas in the rain is direct evidence that the nature of the earth’s climate will change completely, not in some distant future, but only after 20-30 years. The intergovernmental group of the UN on climate change (IPCC) believes that evidence abound: every few years the UN experts publish assessment reports Climate Change, which, in fact, repeatedly describes scenarios of climatic version of the end of the world, reports Rus.Media.

The increase in extreme rainfall, storms and cyclones, increased warming on the Antarctic Peninsula – that’s not forecasts, and the processes that occur in the world and is mentioned in the IPCC report, including the last five. The sixth will be published in 2022, 2020 2021, with another two dedicated to the effects of climate change in cities. In 2018 in the next document will tell scientists what impact on the planet the rise in the average global temperature to 1.5 °C. Figure seems quite small, but globally it is huge, and the rise of even half a degree above it can cause terrible consequences: global warming is not just the weather anomalies, but in a possible food crisis. Simply put, the hotter it gets on Earth, the greater the likelihood that people will die – and it is possible that from hunger.

Nuclear weapons: the doomsday clock

Невидимі вороги: Загрози, які людство не приймає всерйоз

The first and the last ever episode of use of nuclear weapons – bombs dropped by the U.S. on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused irreparable damage to the environment of the Earth, not to mention how many people died from the explosion and was crippled by radiation. The effects of atom, which was not peaceful, was so terrible that more nuclear weapons have never been used in any of the conflicts. Nevertheless, it exists, and not just lying in the warehouses, and tested on landfills, in theory the bomb can be used at any time. It would seem that weapons abound in the world, but in the struggle for power people are ready for more: the entire history of mankind clearly proves it.

There is a project of the University of Chicago “doomsday Clock”: this image is symbolic of a countdown to nuclear disaster, which is published on the cover of the University magazine Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The publication, founded in 1945 by the creators of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there have been stories about everything to do with the threat of nuclear weapons and international security issues. Hands of the doomsday clock every January transferred most prominent scientists of the world – the North symbolizes the disaster. According to the January 2018, it remains up to 2 minutes due to the fact that North Korea is testing nuclear weapons – the last time two steps away from the Apocalypse, the world was in 1953, when the USSR did the same thing.

Asteroids: attack from the air

Невидимі вороги: Загрози, які людство не приймає всерйоз

The asteroid is iron, carbon and silicon fragments with a diameter from several tens to several thousands of metres, millions of them, and each is deadly, for it moves erratically, ricocheting starting from all, what will face in space. If the gravity of the Earth would be enough to bring the celestial body, and its size is enough to reach the surface, not burned in the atmosphere, the asteroid will become first a meteor and then a meteorite. Call it the transformation of impact, and no good it does not end even those who are studying the asteroids, it is very difficult to predict the impact and, hence, to figure out how to save humanity from pieces of iron and stone, which can pass through Earth’s orbit at the same time and destroy all life on the planet.

The threat is closer than you think: there are asteroids that fly far from Land, but there are those that are regularly very close. Such risk over the past 30 years the planet has undergone least four times, and in 2013 over Chelyabinsk exploded meteorite, becoming a major popivoda news outlets around the world. If he was more impact could result in the death of all residents of the city, and in especially large size of a celestial body and all the inhabitants of the Earth. To prevent this, scientists are engaged in a constant surveillance for about a thousand of the most hazardous asteroids and to develop ways of destroying them “on the fly”. While no asteroids attack to recapture failed: moreover, one of the versions of the cause of the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction – the fall of the meteorite with a diameter of about 10 kilometers, 65 million years ago landed on the territory of modern Mexico.

Mosquitoes: tank death

Невидимі вороги: Загрози, які людство не приймає всерйоз

Spray with insecticide, adhesive tape and records the fumigator enough mosquitoes stopped bothering you at night, but for full protection from flying insects is not enough. The fact that the mosquitoes had long ceased to be just a nuisance: for millions of years, mosquitoes have managed to evolve into a masterful carriers of infections and be dangerous creatures, from whom should stay away. This is not so simple: in the modern world, mosquitoes are found everywhere, except Antarctica, are moved not only by themselves, but along with the tourists and can cause the Apocalypse – or rather its catalyst.

Mosquitoes carry pathogens, and the most famous – malaria: cause its Plasmodium, the microscopic parasite, which is transmitted to people bite female mosquitoes of the genus mosquito. “Courier” the role of mosquitoes is proved by the experience of Italian entomologist Giovanni Battista Grassi, describing the whole transmission mechanism in 1898. Since then, it became clear that is transmitted by mosquitoes and a host of other diseases – for example, Chikungunya virus or West Nile fever, from which there is no vaccine or medication. Mosquitoes in the late twentieth century brought it to the USA, and they also in 2012, delivered in Europe, Dengue fever is caused by virus that was localized only in the tropics and subtropics and is now in danger of becoming infected every second, and this is not a metaphor. The who, however, has tips on the case travel to area of risk – but the question is, how wide these zones are really and will not become mosquitoes cause another pandemic, as happened with the malaria virus and the Nigerian Zeke.

Viruses: faceless enemies

Невидимі вороги: Загрози, які людство не приймає всерйоз

In headache, and the temperature of any patient is more likely blamed a common cold than exotic fever, and this once again proves the short-sightedness of people – and not only because to diagnose the disease more difficult than it is less common compared with other diseases having similar symptoms. The reason is in the fact that no cold does not exist: prostorna is the name that is most often used against ARVI – acute respiratory viral infections, including influenza, one of the most dangerous diseases of our time. The method of treatment depends on the cause of the infection, and even different strains of the same virus will only various medications. There is no guarantee that even with proper diagnosis the immune system is not always able to defeat the invaders, besides viruses are constantly mutating.

The influenza pandemic stretched in time and does not seem such a violent and terrible, as, for example, comprehensive epidemic of bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera and leprosy, but this is misleading – according to the who, for many years, the flu die each year hundreds of thousands of people. Affect the extent and insidiousness of the virus – a striking example is the outbreak of Ebola in Africa, which managed to be extinguished only because the pathogen was a famous scientist. Experts from the world Health Organization openly admit that the next pandemic may be the last in the history of mankind, if the virus will not be able to recognize and defuse until it was too late.

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