In the village crawled a huge Cobra and asked people for help (video)

To meet a snake on a narrow path don’t wish on your worst enemy.

В село приповзла величезна кобра і попросила людей про допомогу (відео)

Every year in India from the bites of cobras killed up to 50 thousand people. To meet a snake on a narrow path here do not wish on your worst enemy — everyone knows how dangerous it can be a single bite. Even more strange was the visit king Cobra village: no one expected what will be next, reports Rus.Media.

The emergence of the five-meter snake on the main street of the village caused the residents a real shock. However, the Cobra behaved as if waiting for something from people: she raised her head and slowly swayed on the spot.

A few brave souls from the local community decided to give the snake water. While throughout the country there was a terrible drought.

It turned out, the poor Cobra and really suffered from dehydration. Drinking water straight from the bottle, the snake was peacefully crawling in thickets of sarsaparilla.

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