How to help children cope with stress before exams! EIT 2018!

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Як допомогти дітям справится зі стресом перед іспитами! ЗНО 2018!

Warm may have been associated with students not only with the upcoming holidays, but with the exams that you must take. This process inevitably causes feelings in children that can affect the result of the passing of ZNO, reports Rus.Media.

Monday, may 7, the social innovation Fund “From country to Ukraine” held a round table “Support to pupils who pass EIT is our exam.” The main goal of the event is to attract the attention of teachers, parents and society in General, as adversely affected by the excitement and experiences the passage of external independent evaluation.
Як допомогти дітям справится зі стресом перед іспитами! ЗНО 2018!

According with studies, thrill of testing experience almost all graduates. Unfortunately, there are many unflattering stories about how to put pressure on their parents: “don’t pass your exams – go to sea!”, forcing the clock to learn and repeat the material until the bans to see friends.

We turned to the experts to learn how to psychologically prepare the child for external tests.

Here are some tips to ensure that your child has passed the EIT.

1. Stop harassing the children!

“The main problem is the pressure from parents and teachers. It is important to understand that the pressure and intimidation of children in the period of preparation and delivery – not the best tools. TESTING introduced from 2006, that is already more than ten years, but, unfortunately, this phenomenon still causes graduates panic. Thus, the evaluation system has changed – and must change and our attitude. Pressure from the participants of the educational process – schools and parents – make a grading system of “the beast”. Very well noticed the mother of one of the graduates, EIT is not the last train, it is the only assessment that evaluates the child’s personality. The UPE does not end life,” says Olga Carpenter, a specialist in public relations of Fund of social innovations “From country to Ukraine”.

According to Olga, teachers and parents should take this position: their job is to help, not to force the student into a ball of stress and constant worry.

2. Do not kill the child’s self-esteem.

According to the psychologist Svetlana roiz, often children are worried not so much for the failure of the EIT, as for the reaction of the parents. And the child feels not only their own experiences but also the parent. But in any case should not become a “measure” of personality:

“It is the General rule that the school assessment is directly linked to self-esteem. It is natural that parents worry, but most importantly, they can give a feeling of support and confidence that the child surely are the parents. Give yourself the answers to the questions – what happens if the child will score enough points or do not pass the exam? In an extreme case – will go to the contract, rent of TESTING next year, will go to work or to study remotely. You have to understand that there is always a solution, but there is no reason to put pressure on the child’s self-esteem only through some kind of assessment.”

3. Important thorough preparation.

And although experts say that it is not necessary to lock the child in the four walls (say, to only preparing for the exam), but also converge on the view that the best way to cope with anxiety – confidence in their knowledge.

“It is important that pupils did not perceive the authors of the EIT-like monsters. Both authors and experts adhere to the rules: if they write a question, you must check whether the answer is in the textbook. Also checked, to avoid ambiguous answers or questions are not hit children confused,” – said Alexander Kozlenko, member of the Institute of pedagogy of NAPS of Ukraine.

He added: “the creators of the test try to make the one who is really prepared, got really good scores.”

I advise you to listen to all these councils and applicants to successfully pass the EIT!

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