How to do more and faster?! The secrets of performance!

5 tips that will definitely help you!

Як встигати робити більше та швидше?! Секрети продуктивності!

Sometimes it happens that a person falls down too many tasks at the same time. Rus.Media will talk about how to cope with a large number of tasks faster and more productive!

1. Structure your tasks in order of importance of each of them.

On the implementation of minor tasks any person usually takes quite a lot of extra time. In order to save it, you need to make a list of tasks and properly prioritize. Highlight tasks that should be performed first, and the others arrange in descending order of their importance. It may happen that some items you don’t will need because you will realize that they are not obligatory. To make this plan advisable the evening the next day.

2. Complete tasks one by one.

Do not handle the execution of multiple tasks. The implementation of each step of the plan gradually, one by one will save you time and hassle, will be much more productive. The key tasks to perform better while in the most cheerful state.

3. Learn discipline and concentration.

Think about how much time you could save if you were more disciplined, namely, less frequently accessed social network, do not waste time on empty correspondence, and more. Then you obviously didn’t need to stay at work in a panic and “pull the tails” before the delivery of the project or not to sleep till late night due to the end of all deadlines. So get rid of anything that will interfere with your concentration on the job.

4. Allow yourself to rest.

Find 10-15 minutes in order to escape, because this way you will be able to preserve its performance. Don’t bother – it won’t lead to better results. Rest properly, you should not immediately rush to the phone and social networks, it is better to drink a glass of water and breathe in the fresh air.

5. Get rid of guilt.

Make it a rule after a job well done give yourself a break to recuperate. Studies say that women are more reluctant than men to allow themselves to briefly relax after a day of work because of them is ridiculous gnawing guilt. Remember: if after a productive day, you will learn how to allow yourself a well-deserved rest without feeling guilty, it will lead you to success, after all, performing a particular job, your brain will subconsciously know that he will be rewarded and will work much faster.

Share these tips with your friends, and let them learn to do more and to make your day more productive!

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