Festive and delicious: salad Signor Tomato

This salad is off the table swept away in the first place

Святково та смачно: салат Синьйор Помідор

Who of us in childhood did not read fairy-tales, and especially – “Chippolino”. Remember how he got it from Edward James Olmos? The thing is that Chippolino didn’t think to give him a sample salad “Signor Tomato”. Moreover, this fun salad is easy to make at home.

You need to take:

  • Red tomatoes – two pieces;
  • Mushrooms – about three hundred grams;
  • Ham – two hundred grams;
  • Chicken eggs – two pieces;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Cheese – two hundred grams.

The process of preparation of salad:

You need to prepare the components that go into this salad. First you need the mushrooms clean and then slice them and fry in the pan with vegetable oil. While cooking the mushrooms add the onion, diced. Eggs boil and grate on terochke. Cheese also grate on terochke. Fresh ripe red tomatoes cut into small cubes.

Formed our salad.

Take a plate and spread the first layer – it will be finely chopped ham, then pour mayonnaise. Further the spread ham fried mushrooms, again mayonnaise. On mushrooms put eggs and pour mayonnaise, sprinkle the entire surface of salad with cheese and cover with tomatoes. The salad needs to stand for about one hour.

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