Cancer, jaundice, excess cholesterol. What health problems eyes

Eyes traditionally called mirror of the soul.

Рак, жовтяниця, надлишок холестерину. Які проблеми зі здоров&#039ям видають очі

Eyes traditionally called mirror of the soul. But they can tell you about the various pathological processes occurring in the body, reports Rus.Media.

The eye area is one of the most important on the face. After all, when a person talking, look into his eyes, if you want to know something, diligently looking for the answer in them. Doctors in the examination also devote attention to the eyes, because it is possible to determine a number of pathological processes that can occur in the human body. What kind of illness “come out” to the eye and what to pay attention to the appearance of certain symptoms — read the material.

Frequent styes

Barley faced by many. Everyone knows these unpleasant symptoms: nagging pain in the eyelids, a feeling of usbtest eyes, blurred vision etc. Such purulent inflammation usually appears on the background of hypothermia and weakening of immune forces of an organism. However, there is a situation when the inflammation and redness on the eyelid appear regularly, do not pass for some time (usually they say about 3 months) and all the time are formed on one and the same place. Then the doctors may suspect a cancer of the sebaceous gland (carcinoma).

A malignant form of barley is kept constantly emerging periodically. An additional symptom that should cause concern is the loss of eyelashes in the area of inflammation, and it may be partial.

The first step is to determine inflammation what is the nature of the present. If it lasts a long time, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist. For accurate diagnosis usually, a biopsy of the tissue. The situation is corrected surgically.

Yellow bumps

The yellow appearance of rash, more like lumps in the eyelids is the signal that started xanthelasma century As experts say, this problem is often a symptom of increase of level of cholesterol in the blood. Such formations are observed in the blood vessels is called cholesterol plaques. On the eyes is a normal fat deposits.

Increased level of cholesterol can be observed on the background of anemia, hepatitis, cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, Gilbert’s syndrome, problems with outflow of bile, the presence of parasites in the body, etc.

The size of such lesions is quite small and can be grouped in several pieces. As these cholesterol plaques before our eyes, and the problem with increased levels of this substance in the blood is often defined.


The emergence of a specific plaque at the edges of the eyelids should be alerted. The reason for this problem may be blepharitis. Is an inflammatory process of the eyelid. In addition, this plaque may appear when dandruff and various skin pathologies, as strange as it looked. If that’s the reason dermatology in women may be sudden redness of the skin. In addition, the number of accompanying signs is eye irritation: often it compare with the irritating sensations that appear when the eye is a foreign object. In parallel, developing increased tears, or, conversely, excessive dryness of the eyes. Because of this, begin to gather skin flakes that accumulate on the edges of the eyelids.

The causes of the problems quite a lot. This can be effects of microbes listed dirty hands, allergies, poor ecology, lack of vitamins, unbalanced diet. Often blepharitis is seen in people who suffer from anemia, problems with stomach, intestines, tooth decay.

To correct for this use of baths and lotions. They definitely need to do dry hands. Just a couple of minutes of this procedure a large part of the scales will be removed. Nevertheless, you should visit an ophthalmologist to rule out serious pathology: often to deal with the problem we have with antibiotics.

Yellowing of the eyes

Liver problems often develop slowly and imperceptibly. But they can be recognised by looking at a person’s eyes. In the presence of failures, liver function begins to turn yellow the protein coat of the eye. Moreover, the yellowing could indicate either a failure in the gall bladder and to be a manifestation of liver cirrhosis or hepatitis. This color effect is due to the accumulation in the body of bilirubin: is a pigment of bile, characteristic colors. Its surplus is generated if a sick liver can not cope with the processing.

Often (though in severe situations) can turn yellow, and other parts of the body such as the skin. Definitely should see a doctor and determine the cause and degree of liver damage.

Prorgrams eyebrows

Ladies often thinned your eyebrows by yourself in trying to achieve a perfect shape. However, there are situations when the hair begins to fall yourself. The alarm signal is considered if hair loss on the eyebrows reached a third of their volume. Moreover, the localization pattern baldness also has a specific meaning: as a rule, pathologically roll in the hair begins in a region closer to the ears. Doctors say that such “baldness” is a symptom of thyroid disease. And as if its excessive activity and insufficient functions.

It is worth considering that in such a situation may manifest additional symptoms: hair loss on all body parts, irregular eruptions of hair, the appearance of early graying eyebrows, etc And in women this pathology is more common than in men and often can be aged 20-30 years.

The appearance of the characteristic bald patches is as fast as possible to go to the doctor-endocrinologist. All the other symptoms, which often coincide with signs of any other pathology, are fairly common. That knocks the thyroid, can also indicate changes in weight without any provoking it factors, fatigue, digestive problems, impaired regular female cycle, mood swings and skin diseases.

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