Automotive horoscope for the week 12 to 18 March 2018 for all Zodiac signs

Automotive horoscope for the week 12 to 18 March 2018.

Автомобільний гороскоп на тиждень з 12 по 18 березня 2018 року для всіх знаків Зодіаку


Week well suited for repair of road work, but not very good in terms of tuning. So, if you can’t wait to hang additional wing, to do toning, or to change to a more powerful engine, the better these activities are still to be postponed. At least until early next week.


It is not excluded pre-holiday traffic jams. For those whose driving experience is less than years of unsecured, may be environment. More experienced and confident drivers this problem is likely to just not notice. Fortune favors the cars with the bright colors.


Successful awtorita this week will directly depend on the success of financial Affairs. The first half of the week in this connection it is not the rainbow but the second one will give you the opportunity to buy something nice and useful, including for the car.


The beginning of the week threatens to traffic, so come on, leave rather early. But during the long weekend you can skate for fun and in business, and to shop and to visit. Head outside the city.


Strictly adhere to the rules, should not be neglected even belts. And the week promises to be very unpredictable, but still better safe than sorry. Traveling by car this week to better plan for Friday and Saturday, Monday, as expected, will be a hard day.


This week it is better not to drive in conditions of poor visibility, darkness, snow, rain, fog … If staying home is impossible, at least do not exceed the speed. And don’t go for overtaking is prohibited.


Libras this week will be open all the way. Is that a brick shouldn’t. And don’t Park in the wrong places, otherwise your iron horse can bring a tow truck. The most difficult day will be Tuesday, but if not too exceed the speed, any problems you notice.


The week is favorable for travel on any mode of transport. The trip will be easy and pleasant. You will get new impressions, meet new people. And come home in a good mood.


Be disciplined, but don’t overdo it. To go in many cases, better with flow and not comparing speedometer readings with vague memories of the permitted speed limit. In addition, you run the risk of being stopped by cops and interrogated with predilection.


Remember that sidewalks are designed primarily for travel on them pedestrians. And it is unlikely that pedestrians will be pleased, if different vehicles will disturb them walk and even on the sidewalks, not just at pedestrian crossings. So not even worth the extra time to Park there.


No matter how experienced a driver you are, try this week to carefully watch the road and other road users, not to admire the beauty of the area that passing. Distracted driving is dangerous.


From Wednesday to Friday from motorists born under the sign of Pisces, has all the chances to feel yourself a winner. Then you are destined to win the race, in a dispute with the cops win. But the gift will get exactly.

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