As the soul of the child chooses the mother

Many mothers have noticed that kids remember as least partially, while small, where they come from, how to choose a mother and some small parts.

Як душа дитини вибирає маму

I will write stories about the amazing memory of children before birth.

Mom says 3-year-old Cyrus, from which all these stories I heard.

“I made lunch to the child to somehow distract and to seat your child safely the time, I gave it all stored photos. And now the son runs up to me with the black and white picture of me in my youth with my mother (which is shortly before the birth Cyrus died) and says: “Mom, I remember you and your green dress! You that day the bus was late!” I have my eyes on the forehead, asked: “Son, how do you know? Dad said?” – no, he said: “I saw you from above, I showed you and said that you’re my mom!” – after that, I started asking around friends and girlfriends about this phenomenon and found that not only my child “remembers” how it looked at mom before he was born.

My friend told a secret, as her daughter recently gave out: “Mom, grandpa, what with the lush red beard, passed on greetings to you all and said that he prays for you!”. Grandpa with a red beard is the great-grandfather of this woman, she saw only a little girl, and the only b & W pictures of poor quality were kept at her mother in albums. Daughter didn’t show them exactly the child at that age b & W photo to look not interested when there is a bright book. So after talking with the mother, women came to the conclusion that she really saw my great-grandfather before he was born!

Then, on the Playground I was talking with another young mother. And told how her son described how they were shown on the screen of uncles and aunts and they chose their parents.

Another mother of 4-year-old Masha has told how her daughter said: “when I to thee in the belly sent, flew an angel and said that I was named after a great aunt, who will help me.” The girl knew that when her mother was pregnant, then one day, shortly before the birth, she slipped and fell, she helped one woman was taken to the hospital and was there until I found out that all is well. In honor of the woman mom decided to call her Mamie!

The most amazing story, in my opinion, it’s about a girl Katya, at the age of 2.5 years she gave her parents that with her her mom and dad chose 2 boys. But one was not allowed to choose these parents, and the other said are preparing. After a year the woman had a miscarriage – they lost the boy. And after 2 years gave birth to a healthy son. Prediction young daughter they remembered and shared it with us. “

Here are the amazing stories I heard from a friend. While the child is small and does not speak, but who knows what he will tell me when you get a bit older! I believe that we were sent to Earth angels and what children can choose their parents up there!”.

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