Anna Sedokova for the first time commented on the conflict with Nikolay Tishchenko

Singer Anna Sedokova after a few years of fighting made peace with TV presenter Nikolay Tishchenko.

Анна Седокова вперше прокоментувала конфлікт з Миколою Тищенко

In 2013, between Anna Sedokova and Nikolay Tishchenko real scandal, in which the singer and TV presenter unflattering comments about each other. After that, the celebrities spoke and tried not to overlap at events. However, apparently, the stars finally decided to forgive all insults and made up. About this Anna wrote on his page on Instagram published a joint photo with Nicholas, reports Rus.Media.

“Once upon a time had a big fight two people – Anna and Nikolay Tishchenko. The noise was so hurt because of one ridiculous phrase offended at each other two people. And here two days ago, I go on stage, in Turkey, by the way, and I see him in the hall, smiling. Along with a beautiful wife Alla. Then Nikolai, in his characteristic manner, threw me flowers, ordered dozens of bottles of expensive champagne and we realized that the past is gone and left in the past! I was very glad to see you, chief Auditor of the country! Take care of your good wife. I will miss you at my next concerts”, – signed photo of Anna.

Анна Седокова вперше прокоментувала конфлікт з Миколою Тищенко

Tishchenko also not left aside and commented on the reconciliation.

“Annie! You’re so good for you! PS.She forgave me, friends! People, learn to forgive each other!”, – wrote in the social network restaurateur.

Анна Седокова вперше прокоментувала конфлікт з Миколою Тищенко

Anna Sedokova and the wife of Nikolay Tishchenko Alla

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