A sudden power surge deprived of home appliances of the residents of Volyn

15 households applied for compensation.

Раптовий стрибок напруги позбавив побутової техніки жителів Волині

The residents of Volyn region to suffer huge losses due to the sharp surge of the people burned out appliances and out of order appliances. For the villagers Vorotniv voltage drops – a common thing, but before they were spoiled only lighting, reports Rus.Media.

“It was said that about 400 volts was on the same phase. There are three phases: one was 60 because I checked, and the two had 400, and it should be 220. The hood was burned down, built-in stove, oven and fridge” – says a resident Vorotnev Ivan Mulyar.

Only Masons losses account for 25 thousand hryvnia. In the next family – Marchukov – the loss even more: with the computer, router and microwave is out of order borrowed the boiler, which cost more than 20 thousand hryvnias.

Foreboding, remembered by local residents, was the acrid smoke. Then sparkled the socket and started melting the wiring. The villagers consider it a miracle that it did not come before the fire.

Residents Vorotnev caused the district engineers, but those began to recall the debt. In fear of a complete blackout vorotnev appealed to the village Council. Officials advised to make a list of damaged property. After compiling such a list will be organized by the Commission, and the village Chairman will confirm the loss.

Supported farmers and regional energy. They explained PP deterioration of electric systems – the mechanisms already worked for 25 years, and their replacement is not enough money. At the local transformer substation equipment worn by 85%. In General in Ukraine the mains are worn by 60%.

“This is our problem. Now created the Commission prepares regulatory document. The Commission will go to the village and will deal with specific consumers. We don’t deal in cash in these cases pays for the repairs,” – said the Director for technical issues volynyoblenergo ” Vladimir Perchuk.

Claims have already written 15 households, but local residents claim – suffered much more.

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