A new way of Vera Brezhneva is liked by the fans

Photos of the singer in bright and attractive new image appeared in her Instagram

Новий образ Віри Брежнєвої припав до душі шанувальникам

“Red mood” – called a series of photos of Vera Brezhneva. Red is a key color image of the singer in the photo, and it really suits her. In pictures Faith in a dress in small white polka dots. Her lips painted a deep red hue, with Golden hair freely arranged in extended form, and the bust area is decorated with discreet Golden pendant, reports Rus.Media.

Новий образ Віри Брежнєвої припав до душі шанувальникам

“At different angles in different ways, something good, like… normal, Like the way Gwen Stefani from the clip “Do not speak”! Cool!”, “So with Tarzan like. Not relatives?” “The eyes do not tear. Looking at Your photo I have lifted the mood,” “Faith, well, You’re so awesome!”, write enthusiastic users.

Someone pointed good shape Brezhneva and made a joke about it is: “Faith, do you actually eat anything? Or basically just a Holy spring drink? Tell me, how to eat to look so good?”.

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