Women and men have different symptoms of the same disease

Textbooks described mostly symptoms typical of men!

У жінок і чоловіків різні симптоми одних і тих же хвороб

We already wrote about the fact that heart attacks in men can be expressed as chest pain and women abdominal. Scientists seriously concerned about this topic, so that more doctors knew about it, reports Rus.Media.

Doctors from the University hospital in Padua issued a warning that women are increasingly becoming victims of medical errors.

And all because the textbooks described mostly symptoms typical of men! As a result, the doctors put the wrong diagnosis.

The study revealed significant differences in symptoms between sexes at least 5 diseases of the cardiovascular, cancer, liver disease, osteoporosis and effects of medications.

“At the dawn of the third Millennium, we still know very little about gender differences in the course of the disease, particularly when it comes to symptoms — the study authors write.

While men during a heart attack will complain of tightness in the chest and pain which gives in the left hand, in women the usual symptoms are nausea and lower abdominal pain.

Many doctors still don’t know the result that women put the wrong diagnosis and lost valuable time for saving lives.

The researchers also found that tumors in men and women respond differently to medications and chemotherapy for cancer.

Also women more often than men are ill with hepatitis C and osteoporosis and plays a role not only gender, but body type, height and weight, when it comes to reactions to medications, even such trivial as aspirin.

This is due to the difference in time of absorption of the medication and the elimination of substances from the body that is regulated by the hormonal status of the person.

In critical situations, reactions to medications may depend on a person’s life.

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