What does the name Antonina: the origin, character

This name is the female form of the name Anton.

Що означає ім&#039я Антоніна: походження, характер

Value: “join the battle”

Origin: This name is the female form of the name Anton. The name was once a generic Roman name, reports Rus.Media.


This name contains two name: Tonya and Nina. Calling the child Tonya, parents instill her friendliness, cheerfulness and good nature. But the older she gets, the more pronounced the second part of the name Nina: carrier authority and prudence.

If the parents are cheerful and carefree, they won’t give to show these negative qualities, if materialistic, Antonina grow excessively pragmatic, collected and balanced.

In childhood the girl Antonina manifest tendency to lead and to command. She likes to be the teacher for the small children, and they with pleasure obey. She is kind, generously “forgives” antics of their wards.

Antonina adults trust young children, and she does not deceive the confidence. Home of Antonina — my mother’s first assistant. She is caring for younger brothers and sisters, able to cook a delicious meal, clean the apartment, go to the store shopping. Training is given to Antonina, not without difficulty, but she is a very responsible, resistant and good grades she is not uncommon.

Can get a profession of a teacher, educator, doctor, dressmaker. Has good organizational skills, but as head of it may appear despotic traits.

Antonin always surrounded by many fans, and in a relationship with them she’s carefree and not bother to be faithful to one person. Married, turns in an exemplary guardian of the family hearth. All the power and its thoughts are directed at ensuring happiness and prosperity in the family. For the sake of the family are willing to endure the antics of the husband-drunkard, to put up with his infidelity.

Located lung diseases, respiratory diseases. Weak nervous system. In his youth, often surgery of appendicitis. Obedia, often crying, do not know how to forgive grievances, which is also associated with mental disorders. Has a tendency to be overweight. You should pay attention on the joints, especially the knees. Winter sports should be dealt with carefully.

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