Ukrainian sports achievements over the 24 years of Independence (photos)

We present to Your attention a selection of sporting achievements of Ukrainians for years of independence.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

In 24 years, Ukrainian athletes won 122 awards of the Olympic games, world records track and field athletes, Sergei Bubka and Kravets Inessa can’t beat for more than 20 years.

Ukrainian sport gained full independence a year later after the world map is the state of Ukraine – after the Olympic games in 1992. And in the winter Olympics in the French Albertville and the summer in Barcelona, our athletes were part of a joint team representing the Republic of the former Soviet Union. If some of them were in individual sports, it was Ukrainian athletes in the teams in the game types.

In the autumn of 1992, the year Ukrainian athletes have already started to participate in international competitions, including world and European Championships under the flag of their country. And a full debut at the highest level – the Olympic – was held in 1994-m to year, at the winter Games in Lillehammer. In the years since I was in reform of the International Olympic Committee, designed to plant the summer and winter Olympics. Summer, as before, are held on leap years and the winter – even-numbered non-leap. And the first summer Games in which Ukraine was represented by a separate team that began competition in Atlanta in 1996.

Thus, Ukrainian athletes took part in 11 Olympic games, which, overall, have won 122 medals. Based on the specifics of the national sport and the country’s geographical location, of course, the lion’s share of awards came in the summer Games – 115 against 7. Moreover, if at the summer Games, Ukrainians won at least 20 awards, at two winter Olympics – in salt lake city 2002 and Vancouver 2010 generally remained without awards. And two more medals won on the White Olympic games ever.

However, the first historic victory of Ukrainian sport came to the winter Games…

Oksana Baiul, Olympic figure skating champion 1994

A native of Dnipropetrovsk Oksana Baiul became the first Olympic champion in the history of independent Ukraine. February 25, 1994, at the age of 16 years and 3 months, the athlete, the year before he became world champion, confirmed its status as the strongest in the world. On the competition at the sports Palace Nonlutheran in Lillehammer she was on 2nd place after the short program, behind American Nancy Kerrigan, but managed to beat rival by half a point at the end of any program.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

The period of 1993-1994, when she won the two most prestigious tournament – the world Cup and the Olympic games remained the only bright spot in her career. Came the move to the US and attempt to gain a foothold in professional sports did not promise anything good. Baiul regularly caught in a scandalous chronicle, had problems with alcohol, passed courses of rehabilitation. In 2010, she briefly returned to Ukraine, but after 4 months was back in the USA, where he continues to live to this day.

Sergey Bubka, world record holder in the pole vault (1994). A record not broken until now

July 31, 1994, at the international athletics tournament in Italian Sestriere was updated a world record in the pole vault. Ukrainian Sergey Bubka overcame the bar at a height of 6 m 14 cm This was the last in the career record phenomenal Ukrainian outdoors.

At the time of the record Bubka has already been a full 30 years and the bulk of his career he has played for the national team of the USSR, where he became the Olympic champion of Seoul 1988. During his career, Bubka has set 35 world records – 17 in the stadiums and 18 indoors. To do this, it took him 10 years of competition from 1984 to 1994. And if his record in the room (6 m, 15 cm) were broken in 2014 year, the Frenchman Rene Lavillenie at the tournament “pole vault Stars” in Donetsk, founded by Bubka, record outdoors nobody was able to beat so far – already more than 21 years.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

Another unique achievement Bubka has 6 consecutive world titles won from 1983 to 1997 (3 – team independent Ukraine). He is the only athlete in the world, won 6 Championships in a row. Considering the fact that in the pole vault there is one set of awards, and the first ever world Championships in athletics were held in 1983 year, for 14 years, Bubka was not only the first but also the only world champion in his discipline.

23 Jun 2005 Bubka became President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Is this post for over 10 years.

Inessa Kravets, the world record holder in the triple jump (1995). A record not broken until now

Another unique achievement of the Ukrainian athletes belongs Inessa Kravets. 10 August 1995 world Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden at the third attempt, she jumped at 15 m 50 cm, setting a new world record. To beat him, nobody can have more than 20 years.

If in the early 90s Kravets was the “Queen’s hall”, winning two world Championships indoors (1991, 1993) and European championship (1992), the peak of her achievements came in the mid-90s. In 1995 she became world champion and 1996 Olympic champion Games in Atlanta. At these competitions Kravets showed the result of 15.33 m.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

To approach the achievement of Ukrainian women tried several athletes, including a Frenchwoman françoise Eton, which in 2008 jumped by 15.39 m. But to overcome even 15,40 while no one turns. And previous the 2013 world Championships in Moscow, the best was Catherine Ibarguen from Colombia with a score of 14.85 m. all of the Preconditions to ensure that the record was broken at the upcoming August 23-30 the world Championships in Beijing or other competitions in the foreseeable future while there is no…

Yana Klochkova is a four-time Olympic swimming champion, the most decorated athlete of Ukraine in Olympic history

Career “goldfish” Yana Klochkova at major international competitions lasted 7 years from 1997 to 2004. But the highlight of the performances were two of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and 2004 in Athens. In these games, the Ukrainian won a total of five medals, four of them gold.

16 Sep 2000 Klochkova won her first Olympic gold. In the 400m medley she’s not just a confident win, and surpassed the previous world record by 1.2 seconds – 4 minutes of 33.59 seconds. Three days later, on September 19, the Ukrainian won the final heat on a distance twice more shortly – 200 m the complex. And at the end of the swimming tournament Games Klochkova made on 800-metrovke freestyle, where he won silver. She is almost 3 seconds she lost to American Brooke Bennett of the USA.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

The entire career of an athlete won 10 gold medals at the world Cup

After 4 years at the Games in Athens, Ukrainian’ve only played in two events complex, sacrificing 800-meters. And in both distances confirmed its status as the strongest two more Olympic gold.

In addition, in the course of his career, the athlete from Simferopol won 10 gold medals (in 50 and 25 metre swimming pools) and 19 times became the champion of Europe.

In contrast to the achievements of athletes Bubka and Kravets, records Klochkova did not last long and were beaten.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото) The Klitschko brothers – record number of victories in professional Boxing

26 June 1999, Klitschko became the first Slav, who won the title of world champion on Boxing in superheavy weight category. That day he met in the ring with Briton of Nigerian descent, Herbie Hyde, who won by knockout in the second round. This victory was set a world record. Klitschko spent 25 consecutive knockout wins, all of which was completed in the first half of the fight (6 rounds), and the number of rounds spent in the path from beginner to champion — less than the legendary American Mike Tyson.

In October 1999, Klitschko won by knockout in the 3rd round undefeated ed Mahone. Defended his WBO title and cemented a record 26th victory early in the first half of the match.

Only in December 1999, the series came to an end. Klitschko in the 2nd time he defended the world title, but won by TKO American Lunch only Sullivan in the 9th round.

Only Klitschko have been on the ring 47 fights and has gone undefeated / the

Only Klitschko have been on the ring 47 fights (the last – at the age of 41 years, 1 month) and went undefeated. In the last battle he spent his 9th title defense of the WBC after the re-conquest.

In turn, Vladimir Klitschko is the first important achievement is the title of the Olympic champion of Atlanta-1996. Despite the fact that the Olympics took place 19 years ago, Klitschko is still active and keeps churning out victory after victory. He is the current world champion in all major versions except the WBC, left elder brother – WBA (2011 — present), IBF (2006 — present), WBO (2000-2003, 2008 — present) and IBO (2006 — present calendar).

In his latest fight, held on 25 April against American Bryant Jennings, Klitschko won the decision of judges. In this battle, he spent 18 title defense of world champion under versions IBF, IBO, 14th defense of the title according to WBO (after repeated winning the title), the 8th defense of his version of the WBA super champion and the 11th defense of the title of champion under the version of the most authoritative in the world of American Boxing magazine The Ring.

Next fight Klitschko needs to take place on 24 October in düsseldorf (Germany). His opponent will be Briton Tyson fury.

Vasyl Lomachenko – the winner of two consecutive Olympic games Boxing

The Featherweight boxer Vasyl Lomachenko has won the Olympics twice in a row – in 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London. In addition, he is the champion of Europe (2008) and two-time world champion (2009, 2011).

The uniqueness of Vasyl Lomachenko is that he has suffered only one defeat in the Amateur ring. In 2007, the year the athlete made his debut at the world Championships in Chicago (USA), where he reached the final and lost in a controversial match, the Russian albert Selimova. Ukrainian and Russian then won two rounds, but the total number of points ahead was to be Lomachenko. However, he did not count those points, and a victory awarded to the opponent.

Also, the Ukrainian athlete has not suffered a single defeat in the world series of Boxing, where the composition of the “Ukrainian atamans” has lead 6 fights (6 wins).

The uniqueness of Lomachenko – that he has suffered only one defeat

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

In professional Boxing, Lomachenko made his debut on 12 October 2013, after less than two years 5 fights. Here he has had to suffer 1 loss, but, however, has won 4 fights and already holds the title of world champion under version WBO.

Women’s national team of Ukraine on fencing on swords – the Olympic champion-2008

14 Aug 2008 Ukrainian sablistka created a sensation Games in Beijing in the fencing tournament. The team who had not won a single major tournament (he was silver medalist of world and European Championships) became the winner of the Olympics. Psychological barrier which did not allow athletes to reach the 1st place, was broken at the main start. It is noteworthy that in the individual competition at the European or world Championships or the team leader Olga Harlan nor her teammates Galina Pundik, Elena homrovaya and Olga Zhovnir – not Champions.

This victory allowed the Ukrainian to drop a heavy psychological burden and in 2009-m year sablistka European Champions and world Champions.

In the same 2009-m year, Harlan became the European champion in individual competition, but of individual victory in the world championship came to a Ukrainian only in 2013. in Total on the account of the leader of the Ukrainian fencing on swords 4 world champion titles (two individual and team) and the 7 gold medals of the European Championships (five individual, two team).

Finally, in 2015, the year Harlan together with Alina, Tomashuk and Elena Cravache won the gold team tournament, the first ever European games in Baku 2015.

As for personal achievements in the Olympic games in London 2012, she won bronze. Chance at the most prestigious sporting career victory it will be in a year, at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Ukrainian women’s team handball bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics

Ukrainian women’s team handball became the winner of the only Olympic medals over all the years of Independence in team sports.

On 28 August 2004 in the match for 3rd place women’s handball tournament Athens 2004 Ukrainka met with the team of France in a bitter struggle beat rivals with a score of 21:18. Interestingly, the first half ended in a draw (10:10) and only in the second 30-minute period, the Ukrainian was able to prove its advantage over the rivals. The most productive player in the composition of the winners was Marina, Vergelyuk (6 goals), 5 accurate shots on account of Natalya Lyapina, 4 – Anna was Sukalo. Another 6 Ukrainian handball players struck 1 accurate throw.

All winners of the Olympic games began 14 handball players and the head coach in that tournament was Leonid Ratner.

Noteworthy is the fact that the Games of 2004 became the only team in history. At the Olympics 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2012, the team just failed to qualify.

Shakhtar is the UEFA Cup winner 2009

Shakhtar Donetsk

became the first and only to this day the Ukrainian club, who won a European trophy in the years of Independence.

May 20, 2009 in Istanbul, the Turkish at the stadium “şükrü Saracoglu” miners met in the final match with German Werder from Bremen. The game was very tense and dramatic, as befits a finale. The main time the winner is not revealed (1:1), and in the overtime the only and winning goal of the Ukrainian team brought Jadson, who is in the 97th minute.

Interestingly, in the semifinals of the tournament, the miners the sum of two matches beat another Ukrainian club – Dynamo Kyiv – 1:1 and 2:1. In addition, the miners twice defeated the French “Marcel” and was stronger than the sum of the two matches of the English “Tottenham” and Russian CSKA. The only defeat in the playoffs of the UEFA Cup they lost from CSKA.

By the way, in the group stage of the UEFA Cup, the Pitmen that season did not take. On the rights of the champion of Ukraine team started the way in the Champions League, but took 3rd place, losing in the final standings of the Group With the Spanish “Barcelona” and Portuguese “sporting”, but beating the Swiss “Basel”. According to the rules of the competition the two top teams continued to struggle in the Champions League, the third is passed into the UEFA Cup, and the fourth was finished struggle in Euro cups.

13 Dec 2004 the star of Ukrainian football during the years of Independence

Andriy Shevchenko

received the “Golden ball” best player of Europe. The player is one of three Ukrainians to ever receive this trophy and the only one since 1991.

Український спорт: досягнення за 24 роки Незалежності (фото)

Interestingly, the year of Shevchenko, who was one of the strongest clubs in the world in Italian “Milan” has not won international trophies. “Milan” became the champion and winner of the Italian Supercup, but he won the Champions League the year before, in 2003. in the 2003-04 season to confirm the title of the strongest could not. And in the main tournament for national teams of the year – Euro 2004 national team of Ukraine was not performed at all.

Ukrainians are somewhat lucky as the main club trophy was won by Portuguese club Porto, a Euro sensational victory of the Greek team. None of these commands was not clearly defined leaders, able to compete with the stars of world football. It was a classic command examples-the stars, the stars.

In the end, according to the results of a survey of founders of the award of the world’s most prestigious publication “France football”, Shevchenko scored 175 points. He is noticeably ahead of the Portuguese player Deco, who won the Champions League with FC Porto and joined in the summer of 2004 in Barcelona (139) and another player Barcelona Brazilian Ronaldinho (133). Of the 40 votes of the experts of “France football”, submitted for Shevchenko (each Respondent was called by surnames 5) 27 set the Ukrainian on 1-th place, 5 to second and third, 2 in the 4th and one on 5th. For comparison, 40 of the respondents have put in their lists only one player – Ronaldinho. But in 1st place it was placed only 9 questionnaires. 38 respondents mentioned in the questionnaires Deco and other players were mentioned significantly fewer times. The leader of the national team of Greece Theodoros Zagorakis received a combined total of 44 points from 20 experts (three put it on 1st place) – 5th place in the overall table. By the way, in the “France football” was only 52 expert and, respectively, 12 of them actually never called the name of Shevchenko.

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