The court banned video YouTube-channel “Nemaha” fire in Kemerovo through “moral deformity” teenagers

The Central district court Kemerovo banned video dialoger.

Суд заборонив ролик ютуб-каналу «Немагія» про пожежу в Кемерово через «моральну деформаціїю» підлітків

channel “Nemaha”, which is dedicated to fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. In particular, the ban was imposed “to prevent the moral deformation of minors”, reports Rus.Media.

The court decision States that the video contained inaccurate information about the number of those killed in the fire, including in the first 50 seconds of the video broadcast three audio recordings about the number of bodies, does not correspond to reality.” In the court’s view, the movie is misleading the relatives of those killed and injured, “which leads to destabilization and the emergence of intent to commit unlawful action.”

In comments to the video, the Prosecutor’s inspection found “appeals to destabilization of the situation in the Kemerovo region and the statements about the necessity of committing illegal actions against a social group “government officials””. Now video free.

Video was published by the authors of “Nemaye” Michael Pechersky and Alex Esculetin March 26. According to official data, during the fire in the “Winter cherry” killed 60 people. In the video, the bloggers used audio recordings that revealed the information that the dead were more than 300 people.

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