The British increased the buttocks so that it is difficult to walk. Video

The girl opted for buttock implants too large

Британка збільшила сідниці настільки, що їй важко ходити. Відео

In the UK model and Internet star Maria Old Delhis, trying to reach the parameters of socialite Kim Kardashian has increased buttocks so that he could not sit up, reports Rus.Media.

This is not the first plastic surgery Old, but before the girl almost always was pleased with the result. However, the last operation that almost helped Mary to outdo Kardashian, has led to the fact that the Old is now experiencing terrible discomfort.

As it turned out, she opted for buttock implants too large. As a result, she now has difficulty walking. What’s more – she unable to sit up.

During the filming of one of the British talk show Old admitted that he soon wants to get rid of implants to regain his former form.

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