Repair the cooling system of the car

In order for the engine to function properly , the cooling system of the engine should work flawlessly


Ремонтуємо систему охолодження автомобіля


In order for the engine to function properly, the engine cooling system must work flawlessly. This key system cools parts of the motor (when the machine heats them up ) and maintains optimal temperature in the right range. The oil in the lubrication system, the working fluid in a box – machine, the exhaust gases, the air in Carbonado also cooled thanks to the cooling system. The functions of the cooling system includes also the heating of the air in the ventilation and heating system and air conditioning system. Components of the cooling system – expansion tank, radiator heating system and the EGR, the coolant pump, temperature sensor, antifreeze, oil cooler, heat exchanger heating system, the thermostat.

Ремонтуємо систему охолодження автомобіля


There are a number of issues with the cooling system, under which it may become necessary to diagnose and repair the system. Such problems include :

– cracks on the cylinder block ;

– blockage of the cooling radiator of the internal (scale and rust ) or external parties (dirt, dust) ;

– tightness of the system; the weakening of the drive belt to the coolant pump ;

– faulty radiator fan, thermostat ;

– malfunction of the temperature sensors;

– blockage of the radiator;

– a decrease below normal coolant level.

In order to begin repairs of the cooling system, you need to define the problem of failure of the system. The first problem is

engine overheating

. Overheating fluid can be insufficient amount of coolant poured. The driver should check the level of antifreeze, if necessary it should be topped up to the required mark. To determine the coolant level can be the indicator or visually. When the engine overheats, pressure drops of motor oil, most of it burned off the cylinders and Parshva group wear out faster. Motor work for a long time at high temperatures leads to the fact that the cylinders of the pistons is stuck, and will need to repair the whole engine. Therefore, at the first sign of overheating the engine should immediately begin to remove the cause.

Serious problem

overcooling of the engine

. The cause of hypothermia is a malfunction of the thermostat. Working at low temperatures, engine parts wear out faster, due to the deterioration of lubrication conditions reduced power. Repair thermostat is not a subject, it needs to be replaced.

Ремонтуємо систему охолодження автомобіля


The following fault –

the increase in coolant flow

. If increased consumption of antifreeze, this can cause overheating of the motor. Damage to the radiator tubes are the cause of leaking antifreeze. To solve this problem can you replace the tube. If coolant is leaking, you need to check the connections, seals, radiator, and pump. Leakage may be internal or external. Leaking antifreeze through the seals of the IAC valve or gasket of the cylinder refers to the internal leakage. External leak when the radiator is flowing coolant, a pump, connections of the cooling system. If hoses or connections are not sealed, this can be corrected by pulling their attachment. If hoses, taps, tubes damaged, they must be replaced. If the fan does not work, you need to check the wiring, relay, temperature coolant sensor. If the antifreeze does not cool the radiator, most likely, combs clogged with dirt and dust. The radiator should be cleaned. In low or excessive belt tension pump drive or shamalyan is slipping. Oily strap need to clean, you can simply wipe dipped in gasoline rag. Check adjustment of belt tension. If the belt tension is weak, the belt will heat up, then wear out. When excessive tension on the belt wear out the bearings of the liquid pump and alternator, and the belt is pulled and destroyed. When changing or repairing the cooling system components, you need to drain the antifreeze.

If the temperature sensors indicate the maximum temperature, this indicates a malfunction. When the scale of sensors already be in the red zone, you need to act and take action. Immediately you need to stop at the curb and cut the engine. In order to cool the motor faster, you need to open the hood. You can not open the radiator cap. If you open the tube, a large quantity of hot liquid will be thrown out, it can cause burns to the face and hands. Any excess coolant will evaporate through the open tube, and the problem will be even greater. To cool the engine on it is not poured cold water, this rash act may cause the cylinder head cracking. If the engine has boiled, the driver does not have to do anything, just stop and wait until the boiling point of engine stop (about 20 minutes). We should start acting once the engine cools off a bit. Make sure that the cooling system pressure is not ( at the upper radiator hose, which should not be hard and elastic, but soft and flexible ) you need to open the radiator cap carefully and slowly pour antifreeze so that the cold liquid does not impinge on the wall of the cylinder head ( otherwise it will crack). Then the tube should be closed and start the engine. Then check the readings of the temperature sensors, the fan, uniform heating radiator hoses as it enters the coolant.

The cooling system must be maintained in perfect condition, then there is no need to do costly repairs. In order for the system to work properly, you need to regularly check the level of antifreeze, to constantly monitor the temperature sensors, time to change the coolant (every 2 years or every 60 000 kilometers). You need only buy antifreeze high quality. Once a year you need to check your belts periodically to monitor for leaks. Cooling radiator flushed every spring. To test the system regularly it will help to avoid serious problems and costs.

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