Remove it immediately: the things that old woman

Many women at some point notice that your favorite styles of dresses is already not emphasize the shape and color and texture, which for many years was considered the most advantageous for them, on the contrary, appeared only emphasize imperfections.

Зніміть це негайно: речі, які старять жінку

What clothing is banned for those who wish to look fresh and young, despite the “third” age.

1. No need to beat around the Bush

Black is a timeless classic. However, if dark total look looks great on androgynous girls type model, that older women should not be abused clothes of this color: it will contrast with the color, which really must be confessed, the fading of the skin, which becomes noticeable to others of its imperfections.

If you are sure that favorite black dress visibly Slims and flatters the figure, then at least train yourself to bright accessories. Wear flashy brooches, scarves and jewelry.

2. V for vendetta

Neck skin and decollete are the main traitors of female beauty. So things with the V-neck is forgotten, or else they will “take revenge”. If the above does not work, at least learn how to combine them with scarves.

3. Looking for a waist

Slim waist is the main attribute of youth and feminine beauty. Choosing things, try whatever was to emphasize it with style or accessories.

Best with this task will manage the delicate belt on a dress or a wide belt that you can decorate a bulky sweater, costume or even a coat.

Forever refrain from dresses with an Empire waist and layered outfits.

4. Look before you leap

Very important when choosing clothes its length. Never buy dresses length mid-calf: they violate the proportions of the figure, visually making fuller legs and hips, as well as reducing growth. Slim women suit Maxi dresses, okropnym – four fingers below the knee.

Those who even in adult age can boast of slim legs, you can afford a knee-length and even a little higher. We said “a little”.

5. God knows what the bow side

Bows, ruches, frills, visible shimmering sequins had to stay in a deep youth. If not, it’s time to conduct an audit of the wardrobe, after all, these items often only add unnecessary volume. Have the right to exist in adulthood only graceful draperies that are able to place the necessary emphasis and correct shape.

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