NASA is lying! The Russian channel declared that the Earth was flat


NASA бреше! Російський канал заявив, що Земля – плоска

Russian television has released the program, which States that the Earth is actually flat, shooting from space – fabricated, and live with the ISS, which was moving in zero gravity, – computer graphics, reports Rus.Media.

On 26 September, on the propaganda TV channel “REN TV” left the program “Most shocking hypothesis” called “And the Earth is flat”. The release States that in fact our planet is flat and all photos from space are fake, but the space Agency is promoting “the theory of the round Earth” to master huge budgets. It is strange that about three whales that hold our planet, in Russia forgot. It’s also a weighty argument!

In a word, to confirm these “facts” has tried former NASA employee Matthew Boylan, who said that the real image of a flat Earth he supposedly showed in the first day of work in the American space Agency.

Another “expert” became a British physicist, lover of Dave Murphy. According to him, “they” are lying to us and wasting billions of dollars on the creation of fake pictures. Not without the Russian “experts”: candidate of technical Sciences Pavel Sviridov, science popularizer Andrew Bukharin and archaeologist Vadim Sigalov believe that all space missions takes place in near-earth space and photos from space – it’s trick photography.

Watch the video of the program “And the Earth is flat!” rostv:

In the story of the Russian channel also provides an argument of one of the supporters of the theory of a flat Earth, which argues that if the planet was round, then the pilots would have every few minutes to “correct” the course by tilting the bow forward. As you are such arguments?

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