Monetization of subsidies: today launched the first phase

From January 1, introduces the first stage of monetization of subsidies on the level of service providers. The decision on introduction in Ukraine monetization of subsidies from 1 January 2018 was made by the government at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance.

Монетизація субсидій: сьогодні стартував перший етап

In particular, the Ministry of Finance has developed a comprehensive approach to reform of the settlement system of subsidies, which will consist of three stages: the first monetization of calculations on subsidies at the level of enterprises-providers of services, the second – preparation for the implementation of the monetization of subsidies at the household level (the creation of necessary infrastructure, the creation of a unified registry and database subsident and their verification, etc.), the third – monetization of subsidies at the household level.

According to the government, the purpose of these changes is the transition to transparent and timely payments “live” funds for grants between the state and providers.

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